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  1. Makeup Geek says:
  2. Michelle C says:

    What is the thing that whipped your milk called ? I need that in my life

  3. TT R says:

    Oh my goodness! I need that frother in my life. I checked out at amazon. It
    is almost $80 bucks.

  4. BarbyPe says:

    Too many artificial sweeteners in my opinion, use just honey, maple and
    agave syrup!

  5. PandaPenguin89 says:

    Where did you get that milk frother? 

  6. rosheart2018 says:

    How long did it take for you to lose all that weight??? Please answer

  7. Heather Bailey says:

    Marlena, I ❤️ the idea of WLW, BUT I need more makeup tutorials, reviews,
    etc. from you!!! Have you tried any of the new Carmindy products?? I have
    heard a FEW mixed reviews, and want the real deal! Thx love! XOXO

  8. Mackaroonie06 says:

    One of my New Year’s resolution is try to be healthier. I’ve already
    started on drinking more water and I also got into green tea. Anyways,
    can’t wait for more tips. Thank you Marlena!

  9. Deanna Hall says:

    Another tip for drinking more water: buy a water infuser!! It’s basically
    just a pitcher that has a slotted core in the middle where you can put in
    different kinds of fruit. The water soaks up the flavor from the fruit and
    makes it yummy! You can put lemon, blueberries, strawberries, mint,
    cucumbers, pretty much whatever you want! It’s a great alternative to the
    Mio, since it’s all natural. It’s really helped me to drink more water and
    stay away from sugar-filled juices! Hope that helps!

    (PS you can get them pretty cheap at places like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath
    & Beyond, etc)

  10. Cambria Hebert says:

    I never comment but I watch your videos all the time. I love the weightloss
    Wednesday videos. I do a lot of behind the computer time for my job and I’m
    trying to get off some weight I’ve put on and I gotta tell u your fridge
    looks a lot like mine hahaha. I have the same nespresso frother and I use
    the same almond milk (it’s my fave brand for it!) I also use the same
    sweetener packets. Lol! I have the nespresso machine as well and it makes
    great espresso for lattes!! I love the yogi tea, I’m gonna try the flavor
    you recommended! My fave flavor of the yogi tea is the green tea blueberry
    slim life. :) anyway thanks so much for your videos. You have such an
    awesome personality and your very inspirational! :)

  11. littlemisstoes says:

    Thank you SO much for doing this Marlena. I am starting my weight loss and
    I have been overweight my whole life, so this is really hard for me, I am
    29 and its pretty difficult to change overnight but I have sooo much weight
    on me at the moment I decided it’s about time I make a definite change for
    me. I am extra scared to visit a nutritionist because I suffer from
    depression and anxiety and I just can’t bring myself to do it, so I decided
    to look online for help and start until I am comfortable to visit one. I
    did got myself checked with a medic to start this change and make sure I
    didn’t have any hidden conditions and such. Anyway I know this is TMI but
    even though I don’t know you personally I feel like I can rely on you to
    keep going and get healthy, your videos are really helpful and thank you so
    much for making us feel we can be healthy, confident and beautiful
    regardless of our size. 

  12. Eden Hill says:

    Isn’t this what you started last year?

  13. Kim Wheeler says:

    Awesome video Marlena!! Soda/pop is so.unhealthy. I’m really glad that I
    actually like water. And coffee is definitely my addiction. The one u made
    looks so good! You look so beautiful :-) thank you for making these videos 

  14. Melissa.A says:…not the the Pepsi!!!!!! What about diet Pepsi…I looove
    diet Pepsi…I do not drink coffee or tea. I do like cappuccinos.

  15. Jae Valle says:

    Thank you for the video! I’m seriously on this journey with you.
    I need a change. Can’t wait for next week, and I will definitely try the
    yogi tea cuz I’m not fan of a lot of hot teas. ☺️ 

  16. Aimee Powers says:

    Mio is also delis in cocktails a bit of vodka some sprite 0 and mio yummm

  17. Desdeva86 says:

    Why do people living in English speaking countries have so many problems
    with water? Is it expensive? In Italy we always drink water except
    sometimes when we go to the restaurant. then a glass of wine or beer is
    fine :)

  18. CreativeLifestyle says:

    so excited you are doing these videos :) thank you!

  19. Mango Sprout says:

    I am truly LOVING these videos. Thank you so much for making them and keep
    it up!

  20. Michelle Castillo says:

    I never drink soda ever or juice or anything that isn’t water. I love water
    it makes me feel great other drinks don’t hydrate me I feel like. I love
    water so that part is done!

  21. Liza Grace says:

    I love your makeup in this video, so pretty!

  22. Ruthie says:

    Try True Lemon or True Lime! Just lemon and lime that’s been dried up to be
    put in a powder! No artificial sweeteners.

  23. Art Girl says:

    I hate soda and I love water that is so weird right

  24. darlingmkx says:

    I know this video is old but I wish you would do a makeup tutorial for this
    look or at least give us the eyeshadow combo you used. I NEED those colors.
    I’m trying to match the colors from your line with it. I can’t tell if the
    pink is bitten, razzleberry, sensuous or something else…i don’t know!