How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

25 comments on “How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs
  1. Melissa Martin says:

    Will you lose belly fat with these exercises without going on a full food
    diet? Please answer I want to be thin to wear a bikini and tight clothes. I
    am not fat but my stomach has a bit of extra weight that I do not enjoy

  2. Dorinda Lemons says:

    It’s a really great workout the 5 minute abs! Actually i’m reading the new
    Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips”. It also contains a lot of
    valuable information on how to drop pounds easily without struggle. Thank
    you again for inspiring me to lose belly fat!

  3. Mason Johnson says:

    Does running/jogging or cardio in genral help lose leg fat?

  4. ItsTheGirlsGame MSP xD says:

    I do this three times a day and nearly I’m getting a toned stomach 

  5. Christina Lidia Jane Mansfield says:

    Any tips on losing thigh fat???

  6. Jackie cardenas says:

    What can i try im skinny but my belly button area looks like im always
    blotted or on my period its annoyimg ive tried a lot of thimgs nothing
    helps ? Anythimg anyone recommends ?? Please help lol 

  7. Cinelli Dector says:

    I’m 12 ans I’m 180 and that’s really bad weight for my age I’m ugh 2015 I’m
    goona achieve my goals and yeah what shouldn’t I eat

  8. Luke Hunter says:

    Is this for men?

  9. MaceyLps123 says:

    what foods to you suggest? 

  10. YoungDrawer says:

    I know, I want to lose my double chin and belly fat but do I really have to
    go through that much pain? What if it doesn’t work and I did it every day
    for no reason? Will it really work? Will it work for a 10 year old

  11. Deeann says:

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  12. Loni Michaela Nimo says:

    is it funny that i am watching this while eating? 

  13. Shaela Cole says:

    I love how i’m just sitting here, on my couch and eating a Hot Pocket,
    while watching this

  14. Bernice Ledesma says:

    I wish watching this video made me lose weight

  15. Lucy Heartfillia says:

    Guys im 11 and im 45 kilos , im 1.50 hight , am i fat ? 

  16. Shino Milky says:

    It worked, just amazing. Don’t give up everyone ! You can do it !!!

  17. hakizaki says:

    ok so i have an incredibly stupid question which i could probably find the
    answer to on Google, but w/e.

    Will i lose weight from doing this, or will i get bigger muscles under my
    fat without actually burning it.

  18. Stone Da Sheriff says:

    This may sound awkward but I actually ended up getting a boner and
    masturbating and now I came back after cumming to write this and im eating
    a cheese burger… Im ok to be fat..

  19. Music1Dgurl says:

    Im 12 years old and ive been doimg this exercises every single day
    afterschool and i can totally see the difference! When i sit down my
    stomach doesnt form into like 2 big rolls anymore! This is great! And i
    drink lemon/honey water thing and do this every morning b4 i go to school!
    Its worth all the hardwork! 

  20. christina Cover says:

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  21. NytePlaysMC says:

    Will this work for a 12 year old? I’m very slim but I have a lot of belly
    fat I do this everyday 2 times but how long do you think it will take? I
    eat asian food because I am asian like rice and that stuff and cooked
    veggies, 2 meals a day breakfast and dinner.

  22. Dragan Krstic says:

    Hi all of you… Could anyone of you recommend me some decent and proven
    weight loss program for my wife, you have used, or you know someone used it
    and it was succesfull ? She has huge problem with obesity. She has tried
    different methods and trainings but no one really worked for her(last time
    she lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again).
    If anyone knows any decent and reliable weight loss program, please
    suggest!Thanks in advance people :) It would mean a lot to ,me and my girl

  23. Thepravados14 says:

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  24. Hana Pai says:

    How many calories does this burn?

  25. 卌 SOS says:

    I’m 11, and I weigh 120Ibs. I know that’s bad, but I’m trying here okay?
    I’m willing to do and workout necessary, and I’m reaching to lose 15-20
    pounds. But the thing is summer is coming, so I wanna do this by June. When
    I flex my stomach I can feel muscle, so if this also gonna help me with
    getting the belly fat off? And I can no longer fit my favorite pair of
    jeans, so I wanna know how to burn thigh skin. off. Without making more
    muscle, because when I flex my thighs, I can’t feel any fat.. its all
    muscle. Any tips? Thanks!