How To Lose Arm Fat: Simple and Effective Exercises At Home

25 comments on “How To Lose Arm Fat: Simple and Effective Exercises At Home
  1. Sarah McCaffrey says:

    The last exercise was the one that I feel the most. All my life I have
    had flabby arms even though the rest of me is skinny! Your arm workout is
    toning my arms for the first time in my adult life and the exercises are so
    simple. Thanks a million!!!

  2. Erica Dee says:

    This was great i think i need to stretch first, what do you recommend? 

  3. rockinamber18 says:

    It was the second move where i felt the burn. and after all that i feel
    pretty confident in this workout to loose my arm fat =)

  4. Honey Anjani says:

    its effective..thank you

  5. BWDivaLove says:

    Excellent…I felt it at the point of raising my arm and pulling down


    lol we all girls and we are talking about are boobs

  7. Archana Gilda says:

    Seriously this exercise works. 

  8. Zephaniah Bedford says:

    Uhhhhhh. *tears* I can’t lift my arms. Lol. The 2nd move had me like O.O

  9. sania o says:

    Ive been doong this for more than a month now and id like to.say that this
    does work.. I did this and I reduced an inch and a half .. this does work !
    Everyone reading this dont lose hope it WILL work for sure!! I skipped the
    last exercise though everytime :D cheers!

  10. Hailie Luna says:

    lol the last part felt like if my boobs were to big to do it

  11. Dora Vidal says:

    Im burning all over. Im loving it thank you so much.

  12. Sowjanya Kanneganti says:

    Will u grow muscles if u do these exersisies???

  13. Karina Chavez says:

    Love this workout. And it’s not that hard also. Everyone should must try

  14. Missaah :3 says:

    I can’t seem to keep my elbows together like that. It’s burning though

  15. tashnie julien says:

    The last movement hurts 

  16. Aliza fatema says:

    last step is so hard one. i couldnt do it perfectly

  17. Kaushiky Banerjee says:

    its awesome… thanks 

  18. Butterfly8593 says:

    Ohhhhhhh Emmmmm Geeeee!
    I never thought I could feel burning like that without weights. This is
    perfect! Because I have thick arms not fat but thick so I have to be
    careful with arm exercises. I just want them cut and toned.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

    How often should I do it?

  19. Santo Casey says:

    Wow, I felt it …. This is so gonna be part of my workout routine 

  20. sj53097 says:

    I started this about 2 days ago my prom is in two weeks how often should i
    do this. I try to do it twice a day for 5 minutes at a time will the work?
    please help

  21. CHristian Joy Nuevaespaña says:

    On the secnd move. Like this vdeo bcuz i dont have barbels to use .. or
    push up

  22. sakib islam says:

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  23. Omega Princess says:

    Omg I felt it so going to save and share 

  24. becsxo says:

    With the last one I couldn’t do properly because my boobs are way to big
    for it! So I couldn’t do it as well as you could do I just added 20 more
    seconds and my god my back feels like it’s falling out I can barely type
    because my hands have gone numb hahaha! Yep I’m a weakling.