BAT WINGS, get rid of flabby triceps, loose skin, best arm workout for women!

25 comments on “BAT WINGS, get rid of flabby triceps, loose skin, best arm workout for women!
  1. Tracy Campoli says:

    DreamYourFearsAway, it depends on your goal. If you want bigger arms 4kg
    is ok, I would do lighter for smaller dancer arms. 1.3kgs or less

  2. Tracy Campoli says:

    +Lauren Cheeks yes do this workout (video) 3x through, you got it! I hope
    you have great results!

  3. PashionuetSutaruu says:

    Oh man my arms hurt. But this is a great arm workout, think I’ll stick to

  4. Kimira L. says:

    Just did this 3 times, and my arms feel like dead weight lol–great
    video–I’ll keep up with this one :)

  5. Yuuki Cross Kuran says:

    FEEL LE BURN XD .. my arms hurt now ;;

  6. Sherrie Carter says:

    Thank you Tracy for the wonderful video. You will never know how many
    times I have asked for these exercises regarding the arms, and then I
    stumbled on to your site, my arms are on fire and that feels so good. Once
    again thank you….

  7. Ally Perkins says:

    I’m pregnant and at home a lot feeling the effects of pregnancy (no fun).
    I’ve been doing your arm work outs! They are intense! (in a good way!).
    Trying to keep minimal workouts until I get more energy to do more.
    Thanks for this!! And you have such a great smile :)

  8. Steph R says:

    I was dying on the second time! lol but I pushed through it, great workout
    I really feel the burn! Thanks :)

  9. Mia Coates says:

    Thank you so much for putting up this video. After doing the exercises a
    few times per week for several months, I have started to see some awesome
    results which I am very happy with. My arms are now toned well, slim, and
    I’m pretty sure I’ve become a little bit stronger. Thank you, thank you,
    thank you. 

  10. Nina L says:

    Oh my goodness this is such an AMAZING video!!! I loved it!!! I just found
    your channel and Im subbing and am going to do ALL your videos!!! Thank you
    so much this was easy enough to get through but challenging enough to feel
    the burn and the change its doing to my arms!! Thank you so very very

  11. Jewel D says:

    First time I did this all the way through and MY GOD, my shoulder burn the
    most and my delts. Feels great !

  12. Himani Jain says:

    Hey my arms are wayyyyy tooo saggy or flabby and i really want them to
    atleast look normal in a month
    is this exercise enough or should i do any other exercise
    Please help me i want to get rid of them at any cost :(

  13. zoe sheehan says:

    I’m 12 and I have flabby arms but I am skinny so is that bad if I leave it
    will it get worse 

  14. Savannah Laird says:

    Oh gosh this work out is awesome, I did the 3 sets of it last night and
    felt it a lot, I wasn’t crazy sore today because I’ve been working out a
    bit but I still feel it in my shoulder area. I tried doing it again today
    and just completing 1 set was so hard!! Is it as effective if I do the 3
    sets throughout the day rather than all together? thanks!!

  15. Marija Puric says:

    This was the best triceps workout I had in a while, if not EVER. Thank you
    so much

  16. Brittany Fierro says:

    this is only the second video of yours I have watched but I look forward to
    more. You have a great energy I love it! (: Thank you!

  17. Priscilla Oneil says:

    Good workout for shoulders and front of arm but not for bat wings. Felt
    nothing there. You have to do weights above your head and bend at elbow
    to address that muscle and arms outstretched at your waist with weights
    with arms secure at sides.

  18. Cayenne Anela says:

    Awesome, just did 3 sets before bed and I am feelin’ the burn <3

  19. Ewa Serzysko says:

    You have an EXCELLENT hands… Years of work or not so long? Interesting…

  20. NIkki Krys says:

    So should I do these everyday? I just started a little soar but want to
    know should I go every other day

  21. Sherena Smith says:

    Has this worked for anyone with bat wings?? I mean has anyone used this and
    seen results? Thanks in advance!!

  22. Mendy Mendoza says:

    I am so glad I found your channel and I did subscribe right away. I so love
    how helpful and how workouts made easy because of your video exercises! And
    you are so pleasing to watch. I love all your videos! Keep inspiring
    people. Much love. Xx

  23. nelida kiss says:

    love all your arm workout thank u

  24. BuccaneerChick says:

    Did one, now will do two more. I am so excited! And so glad I found this
    video. After losing a significant amount of weight, it doesn’t feel so
    great to not look so great. After just one time, my arms were hurting and I
    felt the burn, so here I go for my 2nd and 3rd rep. I will write back when
    I am done. How many times a day should I be doing this @ Tracy Campoli?
    Thank you!!

  25. Mrs Chic says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I was doing these lol – It was fun though