Power Yoga

18 comments on “Power Yoga
  1. 123ilovechoccy says:

    HI just wondering what chanting song is used at 1.11 into the video? thanks

  2. Maggie Kortchmar says:

    Who is the teacher? this is a wonderful well rounded class!

  3. larathelizard says:

    kudos to the guy in the back hahaha

  4. hornybrothers69 says:

    shit, what a goddamn music is this?

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  6. Meghan-Rose O'Neill says:

    Great class, I really enjoyed it. But, something goes wrong at 1:07, right?
    I think it skips the stretches for the left side…

  7. Uncod3d says:

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  8. Laura Jimenez-Robertson says:

    Yeah I couldn’t hear what she was saying half the time b/c she was walking
    away from the speaker :(

  9. morgan ebanks says:

    My favorite video on YouTube. It’s challenging and slow , allows room for
    adding in ur own flavor. I like it cus I can actually focus because its not
    so fast.

  10. freak says:

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  11. MushroomMind says:

    I’m so fond of this class! Just wondering what the song at 40 minutes
    is…it reminds of something but I can’t work it out and it’s driving me

  12. sur gan says:

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  13. Misha Sahevich says:

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  16. Jane Smith says:

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  17. Lana Karenina says:

    Wasted 15 minutes on this…Hope that you won’t 

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