Yoga for Weightloss

4 comments on “Yoga for Weightloss
  1. Spirit Yoga says:

    Yoga for Weight-loss is now #1 in the Amazon Kindle store in the category
    YOGA… Yippee!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. yogafitnessguru says:

    Yoga has gained in popularity mostly among women over the past few decades.

  3. yogafitnessguru says:

    Yoga for weight loss has gained in popularity mostly among women.

  4. Spirit Yoga says:

    Have you been hibernating this winter? Have you got a spare tyre and it’s
    not in the boot! Try this mini yoga video clip and you may be setting up
    habits to lose that spare tyre and feel a whole lot better for the day
    ahead. If you feel inspired come join me at class tonight 6:30 – 7:45 pm at
    Challenge Fitness & Squash NSW

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