Yoga for Weight Loss 1 – 20 min version

24 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss 1 – 20 min version
  2. Julie Faulds says:
  3. Debra Harris says:

    I Like Yoga Videos and come across on your videos and I’m starting to love
    your videos.. yoga actually help me build strength in arms and legs,That
    why I was hook to it. 

  4. Mary Ong says:

    Great video , I have been doing yoga for 3 years and love this …

  5. Vane A says:

    I did it for the first today and loved it.

  6. Rob Gelhausen says:

    Great Video – Yoga is a great way to loose weight.

  7. Ana Livia Salinas González says:

    Gracias, excelente. 

  8. Gillaim says:

    So calming – loved it !!

  9. Anya van der kley says:

    This is not for beginners???

  10. Ann Knudsen says:

    I am starting yoga and work a pm job that requires sitting down all night
    long. This is the perfect fit and just the right time span for my job. I am
    a vent nurse and check settings on vents every 15 min or so, so this is
    very helpful for me.

  11. Viji Karthi says:

    I love yoga and very useful

  12. swty x says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this video, absolutely PERFECT and exactly
    what I was looking for in my Yoga practice!! :) After an exhaustive search
    for a superior-quality Yoga video, this is by-far, hands down, the absolute
    BEST Yoga video on Youtube (I literally spent between 1 1/2 hours searching
    for a great Yoga video – this is it!). The instruction is completely
    on-point (clear, concise, and easy to follow along), the timing in between
    poses are perfectly timed, and the music is very suitable for the video,
    not overpowering at all. The completely obvious and major difference
    between your videos and the great majority of the annoyingly
    chatty/inferior ‘yoga’ videos on Youtube is the fact that those other ones
    just talk WAYY too much for their own (damned) good (which many people
    comment on) and the way they execute their poses are so blatantly
    amateur-ish compared to your channel. I could never find myself relaxing
    and instead, feeling like I wanted to punch them for talking so damned
    much. I found myself easily easing into these poses, and I really liked the
    deep breathing in the beginning with special attention to the chin breath.
    I definitely enjoyed what I was doing and I was not concerned at all if
    there would be non-stop chatter while I’m trying relax and decompress while
    doing my downward dog or other poses (thanks again! :). I will definitely
    start doing this in the mornings as part of my morning rituals. Thank you
    SO very much for taking out the time to post such a top-notch video! God

  13. Bugar Cahanap Galindo says:

    Yoga na tayo lahat,para ubos taba

  14. jasmine oky says:

    i love yoga…

  15. Basra1 says:

    yoga is excellent exercise for weight loss.

  16. Ikha Husnul says:

    Bahasa apaan seh ni

  17. Prashanth Satish says:

    i need videos for weight loss dvds where will i get

  18. bijay pariyar says:

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  21. Slim Life Science says:

    20 Min Yoga for Weight Loss
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  22. Ali Brooks says:

    I couldn’t do this. All of the inverted positions caused my face to get
    really red and my eyes to swell!

  23. Megan McCann says: