Yoga Facial Exercises : How to Lose Sagging Jowls & Chubby Cheeks – VitaLife Show Episode 162

13 comments on “Yoga Facial Exercises : How to Lose Sagging Jowls & Chubby Cheeks – VitaLife Show Episode 162
  1. VitaTree VitaLife Show says:

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  2. hill231992 says:

    Does this workouts do harm to the face?
    And i’ve been having a problem lately with my face, u see i started doin
    facial workouts but i seem to find that when i take a pic of myself, my
    face is not straight, not right, so i’v been thinkin, Is it the kind of
    camera that am usin thats sucks? Or its just that facial workouts r giving
    me a hard time?
    What do u think? 

  3. Tulipsaki says:

    How long do you do the acupuncture massage for?

  4. ballysally says:

    decent enough tips, but you talk too much, and too much self-promotion. I
    won’t click on your videos again because you are wasting my time. 

  5. Haro K says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips, Dr. Bowring. Your skin is so radiant. I’ll
    try the exercises and let you know the results : )

  6. Isaiah Robles says:

    Wow, these are amazing health tips honestly!! Please keep sharing! I
    appreciate your work 

  7. snowcloud06 says:

    Acupuncture? I think you mean acupressure. I thought I would have to
    stick needles in myself. LOL! 

  8. Mary Williams says:

    How long will it take to notice any changes in your face after doing these
    natural face lift exercises?

  9. Mary Brown says:

    Thanks for the information. It is helpful.

  10. bobby lee says:

    Hi, great video. Can you tell me how long to do the “jowl exercise” as
    in how many reps and how many times a day would you recommend to see
    expedited results. Thanks.

  11. Eleni R says:


  12. babybeargirlie says:

    i can see difference in less than a week time !!! New subscriber here..!!!
    Major Love..

  13. D Smith says:

    Hello, I was wondering if smiling often, in addition to doing these
    exercises, is helpful to lose jowls?