Power Yoga For Beginners – Total Body Workout for Weight Loss 30 Minute Yoga Class

23 comments on “Power Yoga For Beginners – Total Body Workout for Weight Loss 30 Minute Yoga Class
  1. UKVATO says:

    I wish your feet was in my face. 

  2. Lewis Gardner says:

    I saw this 64 year old women who has been doing Yoga almost her whole life
    she looked so good. I asked her about her age and i was like, holy shit she
    looked like she was in her 40s. I think all women should do Yoga it keeps
    you limber and it’s easy to do.
    Great video guys/Beautiful women.

  3. Lance Cryor says:

    These yoga instructor women always have nice feet :)

  4. ro11age says:


  5. SupaKamehameha808 says:

    sūpā saiyajin kawaii

  6. Otto Vanluchene says:

    7:51 Congratz on the body! 

  7. GentilPinson888 says:

    OMG , she’s so sexy

  8. Clash of Clans says:

    came to see some ass

  9. wheelmanstan says:

    wow, great video, sorry about all the sexually repressed people on here

  10. To Bear says:

    Esteemed miss Bell, I say this with the utmost decorum and subtlety: you
    have a great butt.

  11. Courtney Bell says:

    Power Power! #Yoga

    This one is for beginners (but be not mistaken that does not mean it’s
    easy). Progress with me into #handstands …or not :) There’s plenty of
    other goodness to work on in this 30min #onlineyogaclass


  12. Miz Anne says:

    Power Yoga For Beginners – Total Body Workout for Weight Loss 30 minute
    Yoga Class

  13. Eligio Martinez Blanco says:

    Omg 5:18 I love u

  14. Corinne Lopez says:

    I scaled back to the 30 minute class today. I think I need to become
    stronger in the first three lessons before moving on. Great stuff!

  15. Becky Rhodes says:

    I love your work outs. I can already find something I want to do, and feel
    great doing. You look great! I love your top.

  16. PaffyDesmond says:

    I love the Courtney’s videos! :) Feeling my body stretching!

  17. jose antonio salinas vega says:

    Great practice and sequence, movements were soft and well explained, and ir
    you add great teacher and nice body, all Washington perfect, namaste.

  18. Mark Garth says:

    Fantastic workout, half killed me as a recent adopter of Yoga, but I’m
    hooked :-)

  19. Charlie Wallace says:

    AWESOME, Courtney! You just *exude* power in this video!! I know you just
    blew them away in L.A. I’ve been there many times, and have always enjoyed
    it. Beautiful weather, lots of fun things to do. Hope you and Corrina
    found some time for fun, too!

  20. panchotheaddict420 says:

    Thanks for the jerkoff material

  21. mememojo says:

    You’re in my inappropriate thoughts (;