How To Lose Man Boobs – Blast Away That Chest Fat Today!

6 comments on “How To Lose Man Boobs – Blast Away That Chest Fat Today!
  1. Kevin Vin says:

    you said that do not do the bench press excersice and why you still do it

  2. xMurqzHD says:

    Do you even lift?

  3. Ryan Cracix says:

    what the fuck is this??is this chest workout or all muscles
    there is chest,then back,then soulders and chesta again,dont follow these

  4. speedracer940 says:

    This is not the best way to “blast off man boobs” it’s just normal chest
    then back then shoulders then upper chest. The best was to work on chest
    fat is to do high intensity chest dedicated exercises and work on the lower
    chest more cuz it is where the fat is stored. this workout is not suitable.

  5. Tâmîm Îkßál Îî says:

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    incredible things about it and my co-worker got great results with it. 

  6. Timothy Haines says:

    >>>If you’re tired of being a man with a woman’s chest, listen up…Melt
    Away Your Humiliating Man Boobs and Replace Them With the Chiseled Chest
    Women Crave…