7 Yoga Poses for Hips

24 comments on “7 Yoga Poses for Hips
  1. fortinjack77 says:

    A remarkably inspiring video, Lexi.:) Thank you for make this and
    enlightening me as well.:) -Jerome

  2. LexiYoga says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments:)

  3. Farley croft says:

    like it thanks

  4. jjvg1973 says:

    Your feet are looking so lovely in this video… I miss them!

  5. Daira55 says:

    Excellent video, thank u so much Lexi

  6. Lizzie Newberry says:

    Love the yoga videos. These stretches will help me with ballet!

  7. 8R014V says:

    i’m wondering if yoga can decrease the size of your muscle? i unfortunately
    pretty large Tensor Fascia Latae which ultimately make it look like i have
    childbearing hips even though i’m a male. i don’t really have much body fat
    and I can tell that it’s just muscle in my hips, so i’m wondering if these
    hips stretches can elongate them and make them appear a lot smaller? if
    not, do u know if there’s some exercise i could do? it’s quite depressing
    having big hips and is a huge insecurity of mine

  8. Norman Willis says:

    Great info.

  9. LexiYoga says:


  10. LexiYoga says:


  11. LexiYoga says:

    Thanks Jerome:)

  12. TheDavby says:

    ஜ۩۞۩ஜ namaste ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

  13. nedd1able says:

    Thank you for the advice. I find it hard to stretch properly but you make
    it easy to learn.

  14. Rajeev Midha says:

    Lexi you are most delectable

  15. lydialogy says:

    Thanks v useful!!

  16. Jo Jorgensen says:


  17. Rajeev D says:

    Its really good and use full

  18. LexiYoga says:


  19. Robbie walker says:

    Thank you, it looks good even for beginners with stiff hips, so it looks
    good for me haha. i will try it out daily for now. Hope it works

  20. Reetika Vigg says:

    hi lexi i use to watch ur videos and practice at home also can u help me
    with some tips so that i can reduce my fat from hips ,thighs and belly fat
    early plz help if u can thank u

  21. Dániel Zsiros says:


  22. Daniel O Neill says:

    Pose 6 (reclined hero) was pretty much impossible for me. I can barely lean
    back without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks for the video though.

  23. LordLarsaSolidor says:

    Oh man, I didn’t think baby pose would hurt this much. XD I will have to
    work on this one!

  24. Alvin Lee says:

    Thank you so so much for your video. It’s really helpful. Love you videos:)