4 Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat

25 comments on “4 Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat
  1. A wusa says:

    everyone is talking about a bird… I don’t see any xD … wtf?

  2. Rubeena H says:

    Heyyy :) can we do all these at home ???? Do u think ths really wrks??? In
    hw many days cn i c the change???

  3. Dancing Spiderman says:

    @Rashmimful yeah, it did the trick for me. I would end this yogurt session
    by asking her “uhmmm…. could you finish me off?”

  4. anitasseo says:

    Love the bird!! Looks so happy. Even without yoga Cool video

  5. NYWAORCANZ says:

    American chicks need to work on softening their voices

  6. Sheetal Patil says:

    Hi, Please let me know how much time does it take to reduce belly fat, if i
    do these yoga poses daily? I like ur vidoes about yoga, i am following ur 7
    yoga poses for glowing skin as well hope i will get best result

  7. whoisalyssa says:

    favorite part 1:41

  8. Misha Sweet says:

    u cnt do it…

  9. anand kumar says:


  10. mbprincetonfan1 says:

    1:42 THE BIRD! lol

  11. Gopal Krishan says:


  12. LexiYoga says:


  13. rupinder kaur says:

    How many times we should repeat all the 4 postures???? Please reply…Thankx

  14. rupertcrazyabtu says:

    Hi I have been doing these yoga poses from past 2 weeks regularly. Could
    you please tell me how long will it take to reduce my belly fat???

  15. Maoud2 says:

    LMAO dat birdddd

  16. TranceHarmonypeace says:

    Yoga is a slow process but it gives results god dammit!!

  17. Maria Ramdeen says:
  18. Kamalakar Seela says:

    per Day each pose how many sets need to done?

  19. saida taharima says:

    you should explain this

  20. ahsenr says:

    What is the pose at 2:07 ?

  21. Bruno F. C. Alves says:

    Great Spy 1:43!

  22. Varsha Kakkar says:

    the expert lacks basic precautions…like she actually jumped in sun
    salutation which is a strict no no…she is doing aboat swing in
    bhujangasan again a strict no no..etc etc

  23. lewis hill says:

    dat seagull is like, excuse meh. ooh a worm!

  24. sharmistha mukherjee says:


  25. Keshav Khera says:

    Wat a sweet voice

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