Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2, 25 Minute Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate Fat Burning

25 comments on “Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2, 25 Minute Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate Fat Burning
  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2, 25 Minute Yoga Meltdown Beginner &
    Intermediate Fat Burning

  2. opmdevil says:

    Jen should grow hair in her armpits…

  3. BeautyBE says:

    Does this really makes you lose weight?? Kinda hard to believe xD

  4. michael024 says:

    Lonnnnng hair all the way jen. Its sexier, and more mainstream. You short
    hair looked nice aswell, but nothing beats when a woman has long

  5. Charlie Wallace says:

    My preference is for your longer hair, Jen. But you know you’re drop dead
    gorgeous with short hair too! Those beautiful eyes shine so brightly no
    matter what the length of your hair is! ;-)

  6. Louise gowanlock says:

    At the end of week 2 Jen and am feeling the changes in my strength..will
    keep you posted on the weight loss..Namaste..what a lovely program

  7. Washara Eldridge says:

    Jen is my favorite. Great connection and energy with the audience. keep
    them coming girl :-)

  8. 636 OC says:

    longer hair is better

  9. Jessica Sacks says:

    I love this challenge this channel and this woman. Great motivation and
    great videos. I love that she asks us about her hair because it’s such a
    personal thing so it makes me feel closer to her. So yeah that’s awesome
    she’s awesome! Can’t wait to finish this challenge I feel great already! 

  10. Jessica Sacks says:

    Oh and I am going through that same hair decision challenge and I don’t
    know what to choose still..but I think I’m gonna go long:) hope that

  11. Katie Verbeck says:

    I have been loving this series and many of the other yoga videos on
    PsycheTruth. New to the practice, it is nice to find a community of people
    willing to share their knowledge. Thanks Jen!

  12. Laura S. says:

    Starting my week two of this five week challenge! 4x per week and I’m
    feeling great so far. Thanks for such a great series Jen!

  13. Alexis Kraus says:

    I know this is a bit late, but I just did this workout for the first time
    tonight. I like your hair long better and the music in this one was
    awesomely relaxing. It made even the more challenging poses better.

  14. Michael Joanes says:

    Jen, you look really pretty in your long hair, I also truly appreciate the
    way your video explains the progression of each step which allows me to
    improve my asanas greatly; and you don’t simply jump into next step. Great
    work I just love you.

  15. susan Kemp says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I have suffered with a lower back pain for
    two years and do not want to take medication. Your yoga videos have made it
    possible for me to not have to take any pain killers. You are a wonderful
    teacher and I have learned so much. I was really afraid to start at first
    because my back was so tight. But I feel so good when I do your yoga videos
    everyday. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you are doing.

  16. Stacey Mils says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your yoga classes. When I started I couldn’t rich my
    toes my knees where always bent beyond what I thought was normal for a
    beginner and I struggled with downward facing dog. I’m pleased to say I can
    now touch my toes, my feet are almost flat in downward facing dog, and my
    ones are way less bent. I’m getting MARRIED in five months and I plan to be
    in the best shape of my life. Please please upload more weekly workouts in
    series. I’m interested in losing those love handles ( I do not love them).
    And I love the long hair!!!!

  17. Mark Garth says:

    Brilliant series Jen. I’m working my way through your videos and
    finding excellent results.

  18. Michelle Lopez says:

    THIS WORKOUT KICKED MY ASS!!! thank you:3

  19. Toris Jim says:

    She is so sexy.

  20. d26s10 says:

    Any tips going from downward dog and stepping either foot to hands and
    going into a lunge? I can never drive my foot very far and have to step
    forwards so my front foot is in the right position and my knee is stacked
    over my ankle.

  21. Paula TG says:

    Short of long hair…you must feel what makes you feel good. Short of long
    you stil beautiful. Thanks your exercises are good.Yoga helps to light my
    pain. Pain killers doesn’t help so much. With other medications i gained
    wight. Now i only do yoga. Some exercises are heavy but i find always do
    wat to do as confortbel as possibel. Thanks

  22. Terrie Savage says:

    can’t load the tape 2 of the 5 week challenge, keeps saying there is an
    error ?

  23. freedom1234573 says:

    Love yr videos!

  24. Nala Bornemann says:

    Hi all! Just wanted to update. I’m on the fourth day of my second week and
    I’ve seen great results so far. Along with a great diet (no sugar AT ALL +
    no gluten…I feel great btw) and other exercises along with this 5 week
    yoga challenge, I have lost 5 pounds! Every night I fill my water bottle
    with green tea (no sweetener), leave it in the fridge over night to get it
    cool, and then I wake up and do this yoga challenge right away with my
    green tea! I do this yoga challenge every day of the week because it’s not
    as vigorous as the other exercises that I do every other day. Before this
    yoga challenge I started out at 160 and now I’m at 155….hope to see even
    better results in the coming weeks! Thank you so much, Jen, you are a great
    yoga instructor ;)

  25. Grace Davis says:

    Even if you had no hair on your head you would still be gorgeous!!! I love
    these videos-I started week two!! The sweat runs off me but your workouts
    are not too hard -I don’t feel like I’m on some kind of medevial torture
    apparatus like some of the yoga videos make me feel!!! This is enough of a
    challenge without being too hard!!! I will recommend your videos to friends
    in my bellydance classes ♥