Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 1- 30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

25 comments on “Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 1- 30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate
  1. CH0RUS says:

    Thank God for yoga pants

  2. Zahrlavi says:

    Next time tell the cameraman to capture more ass shots, it would help with
    your viewership. 

  3. jg228 says:

    It’s great to see your positive a attitude back on Psychetruth, Jen. Yoga
    is wonderful for the body and you are a great teacher.

  4. Mirai Shinji says:

    Gorgeous woman! 

  5. Roy f says:

    Every time i watch one of your videos, i feel like you are some kind of
    cult that is nice from the outside and making everyone feels like home and
    you are very welcoming to new members with drinks and hot girls and when we
    join we start to realize some weird ceremonies and babies being eaten and
    nipples being sucked lol …and when we finally wanna scape ,you will be
    waiting us on the front door with your scary eyes like you know we knew and
    there’s no way out…..

  6. Keepinitreel108 says:

    I like her arse a lot and the yoga

  7. Flaming Autumn says:

    Yay! I love Jen so much! <3 :)

  8. PsycheTruth says:

    Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 1- 30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown
    Beginner & Intermediate

  9. Mike Ascione says:

    Like this comment if you don’t mind shamelessly admitting that you looked
    down Jen’s shirt a few times

  10. pat buchta says:

    A lot of these comments are pathetic. Guys, please understand that although
    you may think these sexist comments are not hurtful, I happen to know for a
    fact that they are. Would you talk to your mother like that? Be a man and
    have some respect for yourselves and the people who work hard to bring you
    this content.

  11. belongaskip says:

    Her eyes are like two spears of ice

  12. Kristin Tran says:

    Thank you Jen. Pay no attention to the weirdos commenting. ( I’m sure you
    are so balanced that it doesn’t throw you off anyway) My daughter and I
    have started the challange. This is our 4th day! Feeling so good! my
    daughters comment is that candy is her favorite junk food :-)

  13. Superkoolperson15 says:

    As someone with lots of physical health problems, I didn’t do this easily,
    but after not being able to exercise for months, I was able to complete
    about 20 minutes of this on my first go. Gonna do it everyday. It really
    made me feel like I was working my body. Thank you very much xxxxx

  14. Edina Chase says:

    Hi Jen! I have got through my first week of your yoga challenge and I’m
    already feeling wonderful. My neck and back feel much stronger and the pain
    is starting to decrease with each session. I’m sleeping better also. I just
    wanted to take this opportunity to say thank – you. 

  15. Karl T says:

    Can I get a TJ?

  16. Alexis Kraus says:

    10 minutes in? More like 22…

  17. Miranda Crole says:

    Jen your voice is so relaxing, i am really loving doing yoga with your
    videos. Thank you :) 

  18. Juliana Feitosa says:

    Hi Jen! Thanks for the video. I’ve been watching your videos for a few
    weeks and today I started my 30-day challenge (and it’s really challenging
    hihihi) and I loved it!

  19. Bryona Jolliff says:

    Hey Jen! This was my first day, I love the workout it was challenging. I
    have a yoga mat now but my hands and feet are constantly sliding when doing
    down ward dog and other moves. How can I prevent this or is there a better
    mat to get?
    Thanks for the videos!

  20. Nicole Christensen says:

    i love this video! Jen is a great teacher and her voice is very soothing to
    listen to :) I love me some french fries, but my favorite junk food are
    chips! Cheetos and Lays are soooo tempting!

  21. peluchable says:

    Exlcelente video para personas que apenas comienzan a hacer yoga! 

  22. sakil24 says:

    Hello! Have you heard about – Bison Fat Loss Genie (search on google)? I
    have heard some interesting things about it and my auntie got great results
    with it.

  23. Lily Rogers says:

    I love watching you videos. When you smile I smile. You are so gorgeous has
    anyone ever told you that you look like Shannon Elizabeth?

  24. Katie Zachary says:

    Hi Jen! I’m a new yogi and I loved your video! It was challenging, but
    energizing and relaxing. I’m looking forward to watching your other

  25. Kary Seach says:

    Okay, I am in great shape, workout everyday. I have never tried yoga,
    stumbled on your video today and I couldn’t make it past 13:18. I have a
    newfound respect for Yoga. Now I am on a mission to get all 29:36 of this
    workout down. Challenge on! Thank you ;)

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