Yoga to Reduce BELLY FAT

25 comments on “Yoga to Reduce BELLY FAT
  1. mydailyyoga says:

    Thank you. Please do share it with your friends. Keep watching. Keep
    practicing. :)

  2. Emilia Criveanu says:

    Thank you. Very nice, i will share this because i like it.

  3. mydailyyoga says:

    thank you :-)

  4. nikky says:

    hi i watch ur video today n i m going to do this on regular basis…but is
    there any side effect from any pose here?how many times a day we can do
    this or only once

  5. Sourabh Choudhary says:

    its really very good

  6. mydailyyoga says:

    Thank you :-) Keep watching.

  7. faisal abu hassan says:

    Very Nice

  8. mydailyyoga says:

    Thank you. Please do share it with your friends. Best of luck for your
    practices. :-)

  9. mydailyyoga says:

    Thank you :-)

  10. Gayathri Sridhar says:

    Its good..I am going to do regularly..hope it will be effective

  11. aradhikasharma says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing :)

  12. Ana Krey says:

    Very good video, thank you for sharing. I watched many videos and yours is
    the one I can completely do and feel the difference. You asked for topics,
    what about expanding this video with more excercises at the same begginers
    level, that can be performed by people with BMI 25-35 There are many great
    videos made for very fit and slim people, but few videos that are both safe
    and good explained, for those who need and would benefit from them most…

  13. mydailyyoga says:

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely make such video. Till
    then enjoy the other videos. :-)

  14. sattia d says:

    Good video. I started doing this. thanks a lot.

  15. Eswar Reddy says:

    I am so happy, this excellent video for belly fat.

  16. mydailyyoga says:

    thank you :-)

  17. TheMariah75 says:

    wow so nice and relax..i love it..thanks

  18. TheMariah75 says:

    wow so nice and relax..i love it..thanks…

  19. Pattem Durga says:
  20. udhaya kumar says:

    very simple and effective,we need not go out,within a room,we do,

  21. mukul sharma says:

    wow ….ur way of teaching is too good …….thanx for serving us :-)

  22. Dr Sachin Tewatia says:

    very nice, simple & effective asans

  23. 31Sadi says:

    Hi there! Very useful yoga. Many thanks xx i have a question plz i tried
    these steps and i felt my musles are working but at the same time i feel
    backache plz tell me what should i do

  24. Khawar Mansoor says:

    Very good exercise .

  25. Thusitha Atapattu says:

    thank you very much for your video clip..