yoga – slim arms exercises

25 comments on “yoga – slim arms exercises
  1. Emily Montgomery says:

    Probably means lengthening because this could never slim your arms.

  2. Big Bang says:

    mayb it will work

  3. thebeatsbinauralinfo says:

    love this, can feel it working plus its so zen

  4. sou90 says:

    the music is annoying

  5. Japansepuppy2481 says:

    Yoga helps tone the body. This DOES WORK. BUT you need to do overall body
    exercises. Like running/walking/jogging/swimming/jumping jacks/ etc. Do
    this everday about 2-3 times along with some other yoga and overall body
    exercising and this will work.

  6. YingyMcflingy says:

    What song is this?

  7. sweetgirlhoney1 says:

    @yingymcflingy I understand, it will help reduce fat and saggy? is it work?
    and how long reduce? that is why I asked, lol but never mind if not sure,
    and thank you so much for help me out…. bless you <3

  8. sweetgirlhoney1 says:

    @yingymcflingy Aii thanks!!! :)

  9. Little Monster says:

    what’s the song?

  10. GlamourRita says:

    And how long you waited to see the difference ? I’m sorry that I torture
    you but I really want start to do this and I need really fast effects…

  11. nikki darling says:

    just a week. i always ask my friends it slimmed down. i super conscious how
    i look :D

  12. GlamourRita says:

    Ok thanks so much :)

  13. angelina baldomino says:

    Harder than it looks :0

  14. pankajibsg100 says:

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  15. festival68 says:

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  16. K hadri says:

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  17. Lee Hye Mi says:

    Will you get muscles if you doing that exercise if I may ask.

  18. sheltongirl345 says:

    For this one, no because you are basically stretching your muscles. This
    helps to make to your arms look slimmer or thinner (:

  19. ciklop2 says:

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  20. Sachin Nishchal says:
  21. Antonio Rosić says:

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  22. Pari Lahoot says:

    thanks for a lovely video. can i do this more than ten times in one

  23. Pragna chowdary says:
  24. MariaLuiza says:

    Cool, very easy.

  25. Rossie Bonilla says:

    Does this “Yoga Arms Workout”, make the arms longer?