Yoga For Your Butt and Thighs

25 comments on “Yoga For Your Butt and Thighs
  1. Yoga With Adriene says:
  2. zarahis says:

    Thanks for this awesome video Adriene :D! I just have a question, how often
    should i practice it to see results? Everyday, every other day? I already
    do your yoga videos everyday :) haha thanks again!! :D hugs <3!! 

  3. MySeasideRendezvous says:

    I absolutely LOVE your workouts! I feel like I can do all of them without
    fear of failure! And this is coming from someone who has always hated
    working out. Finally some workouts that will never bore me! I started about
    3 weeks ago and can already see and feel a difference. Thank you so much,

  4. ANA G says:

    Hey adriene! I’ve been doing yoga with your videos for the last month and
    I’m loving it.. I feel so happy and good with myself, I wanted to ask you
    something… could you put together a sequence for overcoming addiction
    like smoking? I think it would be a great sequence, yoga for anxiety..
    You’re videos are great!

  5. sallyburger says:

    would LOVE a balance and flexibility routine, thanks for this video

  6. Carleen Cuevas says:

    love your videos! can’t wait to do this one tonight! Ever since discovering
    your site/videos I have practiced every day, sometimes multiple times
    (gentle morning/bed with a different video during the day)! Love that you
    take the focus of self-expression, having fun, and light heartedness in
    your teaching, finally someone’s videos that aren’t super serious and only
    about the shapes! Thanks so much for continuing to share!! 

  7. Tom Waits says:

    You’re the best (and most salacious) yoga teacher on the PLANET Adriene!
    Keep it up!

  8. NowImDancing 30 says:

    my muscles are so sore after work, this really helps tnx!! 

  9. Zanieb Al says:

    This is me halfway through: Oh my god she wants to kill me, she wants dead.

    Really nice though, it felt really good! 

  10. yoda829 says:

    I love your videos! I have a question on this particular one. At the end
    when we bring the leg out to the side an hold it there the hip of the leg
    we are holding out hurts. Is this normal while I am strengthening those or
    will I make it worse by practicing that pose?

  11. keeptheareaclear says:

    Loved this video and love your passion for yoga. Made it the whole way
    through the video but did have to stop a couple times during warrior three!
    I used to use the Psyche Truth videos and while they are good I feel like
    you make it all a bit more fun :)

  12. Emma Holister says:

    Thanks Adrienne, another great video, you’re such a lovely yoga teacher
    that you’ve been noticed by the outer cosmic yoga community . . . here they
    are at Yoga for Aliens!

  13. Ariel Lampert says:

    Loved this video feeling great and the alignment cues are the most helpful
    I’ve heard.thanksssszz! :)

  14. Linda Harris says:

    I love this one!.. I love how you talk me through it.. my butt is really
    looking good :)

  15. Krysta Wayman says:

    You are my inspiration. I started doing yoga when I was 156 and I am down
    to 147 (with the help of other exercises and a healthy diet).
    I graduated high school last year and not HAVING to workout anymore has
    made me feel lazy. But you make exercise wayyy better!! Thank you so much!

  16. Caitlin Harsant says:

    Loved this sequence. I definitely felt the burn, but in a slow, gentle and
    controlled way. I second a routine for keeping balance, I also wondered
    whether you had any routines for hormone/pelvic pain related stuff? I had
    surgery for endo 5 years ago, and am all cured now (with healthy eating,
    fitness and herbal remedies!), just wanted a routine to stretch this area.

  17. sabina škrjanc says:

    Hi! Does this workout make your butt bigger or smaller? 

  18. Klubnika says:

    Thanks for this! Sending my fingertips back made the transition from
    runner’s lunge to high lunge SO MUCH EASIER. I’ve been doing yoga for years
    and have always wobbled in that transition. But no more! Thanks so much!

  19. Karla Herrera says:

    The end of this video cracked me up hahaha you are hilarious.

  20. Nicole Lee says:

    Great Workout just before Christmas with just the right amount of
    challenge. I lived in Austin from 1976 til 1985 and sure it has grown a lot
    since then. Nice memories too.

  21. Michelle Neels says:

    Heh this video made me laugh :) I love your quirky personality, and also
    your videos! ♡

  22. Nuria Serrando says:

    Hello from Catalonia (Spain)!!
    With you doing exercise is fun and easy. I love your videos so much!!! Best
    yoga teacher ever!

  23. Ivette BenitezGregory says:

    THANK YOU awesome yogi!!! I love your videos!!!! 

  24. Kaitlyn Nichols says:

    Just found your videos and I love them! You make all the scary poses seem
    doable. You do an amazing job at explaining what I’m supposed to be doing
    with these muscles that I didn’t know I had! Keep it up!

  25. Jessica Bennane says:

    i yell at you sometimes during these videos… especially this one! but i
    promise i love ya! Namaste.