Yoga for Weight Loss and Leg Strength with Lesley Fightmaster and 20% off at Anjali Clothing

25 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss and Leg Strength with Lesley Fightmaster and 20% off at Anjali Clothing
  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga says:

    Love this – we’re big fans, thank you for sharing!

    #DYN #yoga 

  2. Yoga with Sonia says:

    As always, Great Tutorial, Thank you! Namaste

    #DYN #yoga 

  3. lucy thaxter says:

    I’d love to see a practice for flexibility especially splits and back
    bends. Your videos are great, I do them nearly everyday. Thanks so much!

  4. CITYOGITV - Celest Pereira says:

    I’m going to practice this now! Thanks for sharing what you know.

    #DYN #yoga 

  5. YAMA says:

    Brilliant video – I agree with Kim!

    #DYN #yoga 

  6. says:

    Very nice Yoga tutorial. This video is showcased on the frontpage today!
    Keep up the amazing work you do. Check it out here:

  7. Annamaria Belenyesi says:

    Oh it was awesome! Thank you Leslie.I did not see the 20 % code at the end.
    It was an advertisement footage instead :(

  8. Rebecca Bean says:

    Thank you so much Lesley! Love your videos so much. :-) I sent you an email
    but not sure if you got it – I’d love to find out more about teacher
    training and also, I’m having problems stretching my TFL/ITB bands. Normal
    stretches don’t seem to get deep enough. A sequence that goes deep into the
    inner/outer thighs and glutes would be amazing! 

  9. Nele Muylaert says:

    this. It’s a challenge but one i’m definitely looking forward too! I love
    your classes, even all the way from Belgium! Yoga is all about the soul in
    the body, in the movement and breath in this moment, and never how good you
    are :) Something you taught me! Thank you!

  10. Kat Musni says:

    I love your videos! You have the coolest voice and your direction is
    awesome. I have a shoulder issue from long-time stretching neglect, but
    I’ve been doing your videos every night and it’s helped so much. Thank you
    so much for making these and I hope you keep on making more! ^___^

  11. Pilar Rigau says:

    Great yoga sessions. I specially like the one about twisting and detox and
    ashtanga. I love doing them. Hugs from Barcelona.

  12. w27dj says:

    Great challenge again! Loving it from Milan :) ps.any yoga poses good for a
    slow thyroid?

  13. Anna Korkalainen says:

    you’re voice is so relaxing and easy to follow, i hardly need to look at
    the screen! I started yoga again with your videos, thank you!

  14. Lauren Adair says:

    Lesley! I know I’m spamming you with all my comments, but I’m just so
    grateful for your videos! This video kicked my butt! I feel a difference in
    my body even after just 3 of your classes. Any suggestions for books to
    read as a beginner? 

  15. Angelina Myndru says:

    Thank you so much! Love your videos =)

  16. Anupama Udawant says:

    My routine for today!!!! :D
    I am in awe of you… and you have such a sweet and calming voice, I love
    listening to you! I am always looking forward to your classes. Yoga agrees
    with me and, because of you I have started enjoying it more than ever.
    Thank you!
    Love from India!!!

    PS: Can you upload a class where you can work on your lower body strength
    and disgestion?

  17. Charlotte Bouvier says:

    I went to 3 yoga classes these last three days, so I didn’t do one of your
    videos since last Friday I think … and I missed you !! I’m always amazed
    by how much I love your videos and your way of teaching :)

  18. ismile723 says:

    Your videos are amazing!

  19. Paul Caswell says:

    start your Sunday bu by working hard

  20. June Que says:

    Hi Lesley, I love your videos I always watch them.You have a calm and relax
    voice, I very much love to listen to it. Recently I have sciatic left leg
    pain can I still do yoga? can you share a video for lower back and sciatic
    leg exercise or stretching?
    Thank You for sharing those videos!

  21. Mitika Kanwar says:

    Hi Lesley
    Wow. This was great. I have started yoga because of you. It’s been a month.
    I want to do this for the rest of my life with discipline. I’ve left gym
    because I found my calling here in yoga. :) Some time ago I had gained fat
    on my belly and sides. I’d like to reduce a few pounds. There is this
    common misunderstanding that yoga doesn’t help in weight loss as much as
    running and cardio in gym do. I want to know if this is true? Can I lose
    weight with good diet and yoga? Thank you. LOVE

  22. audioswapsdance says:

    i’m esties sister and we both say thank you for this video :)

  23. _natalie fitnesslover says:

    Please someone tell me which of her workouts are best for slimming thighs??

  24. Carrie A Groff says:

    This was such a fun and challenging yoga class that really got my heart
    rate up! #SweatPink #FitFluential #Yoga #TakeTheleap

  25. Julie Drayton says:

    Thank you so much! I haven’t practiced yoga for 5+ years. This was
    perfect! I feel so great and inspired. I have always done yoga for the
    spiritual, meditative aspect but I love the health benefits. You are