Yoga for Weight Loss – Abs & Arms

25 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss – Abs & Arms
  1. Nina Elcao says:

    Yet another video I’ll be adding to my routine. :) Thanks Adriene! Quick
    question, what books (if any) do you recommend to learn the foundations of
    yoga (poses, correct terms, history, etc.)? 

  2. Mikko Finell says:

    My abs are now toast.

  3. momyntum says:

    Thanks so much Adriene for the constant reminder to breath. I exercise my
    abs regularly but I have a habit of holding my breath, mainly cause it’s
    hard to find the right breathing rhythm while crunching. So this is a very
    good guide for me :)

    Bless your day!

  4. gekkii says:

    Adding this to my playlist, haven’t been able to practice longer routines
    because of school and aches, but when I’m feeling up to it I will start
    with this to get strong again :) also I wanted to say that I love the
    newsletters :) such a lovely weekly read!

  5. Yoga With Adriene says:

    NEW EPISODE! Per your request! ABS and ARMS! AKA Get Fit without losing
    your mind. #yoga #yogaforweightlos #yogaforabs #corepoweryoga
    #yogaforarms #yogasculpt #findwhatfeelsgood #yogawithadriene
    #yogaforeveryone #yogaforhealth #yogabody 

  6. Stephanie Kilgast says:

    I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been doing yoga on an almost daily basis
    for about 2 years now and you are my favorite teacher.
    I’m not very sporty and often will do only 10 minutes a day, but always
    with you.
    So thank you for existing and bringing the cheer and joy with your fabulous
    yoga explanation :)

  7. lauren villanella says:

    I was so happy this morning when I saw a new video!!! Thank you so much!
    I’ve lost about 25lbs with your videos so far (along with eating better of
    course!) and I don’t plan on stopping! Thank you for posting these videos!
    They have changed my life!

  8. Rachel T says:

    Wow, one of the FASTEST half hours I’ve ever experienced! Very fun,
    quick-paced video, and I feel GREAT! Thanks, Adriene!! You do a great job.

  9. NobodySingsAlong says:

    I couldn’t make it all the way through, because my arms were giving out on
    me, but I’m definitely gonna give it another go when I can. Either way, it
    really pulled me out of the gloomy mood I’ve been in. I wanted to thank you
    for that. c:

  10. Simply Quinoa says:

    I loved this video! I felt energized, light, strong (and maybe a little
    sore). Thanks for all that you do – your videos make my day better and I’m
    so happy to have found them. Namaste xxo

  11. K Jean says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I actually struggle with the fun pose so
    much. It could be my mat is not thick enough? or it’s my vertebrae but
    right when I’m about to flip back towards my shoulders, my upper vertebrae
    rubs against the ground and it actually hurts my bone. So everytime you’re
    like “yay, don’t be shy, let’s be fun and silly”, I’m like “oh no, I’m not
    embarrassed about it, it’s just going to hurt”. I try it either way, but
    just wondering if this issue has come up before. Also, I really do love
    this sequence. You da Best!

  12. Maisa Oliveira says:

    Is that normal hurt my “hands”?

  13. ZACK COFFMAN says:

    Your videos are very helpful. I use them a few times a week. They help me a
    lot from all the high impact high cardio workouts I do at the boxing gym 

  14. Ewelina P says:

    Myślałam, że sobie poćwiczę, a ona tylko gada….

  15. Caylee Shore says:

    I’m 15 months post partum and of all the challenges I tried, this in
    particular worked the lower abs I’ve been trying to feel the burn in lol.
    THANK YOU ADRIENE, I feel my body reaching it’s potential even after trying
    this only once. I feel hope in recovering my abdomen :) great video.

  16. KiwiPieGreen says:

    I love this workout so much but I found myself unable to get through a
    second round. My tummy muscles hurt too much from the first round on
    Wednesday. I’ll try again next week, but yikes!

  17. Georgie Paterson says:

    I am a new subscriber but you are already my favourite yoga mentor on
    YouTube! I absolutely love your yoga for weight loss series and I check in
    with your channel as much as I can! I would really love it if you added
    some more videos to this series xxx 

  18. enigmath says:

    i’ve had many yoga instructors and you’re the best i’ve seen so far, love
    your classes :) second video i’m doing today, i’m tired already!
    i’m actually thinking of quitting yoga class to start doing it at home with
    your videos. your reminders to breathe and to stand straight, navel down
    and everything are exactly what i needed :)

  19. John Carter says:

    Do you make these mistakes in your diet? Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to
    find out.

  20. Kara T says:

    wow! Didn’t think I was going to make it but I did!!

  21. Matthew Andrea says:

    Phew! Definitely couldn’t keep up with this one, but I guess that’s good
    motivation to keep on practicing and see if I can improve. Great stuff,

  22. Vhysh mcgee says:

    i have been using your videos to help me recover from a year of
    chemotherapy and the subsequent loss of strength/balance associated with
    it. I started using your videos in dec 2014. At that time, I could barely
    reach my knees when standing, and now I can do the crane pose. It’s not
    much, but its a start. I love your videos. They are easy to follow, and
    they are so feel good motivating. You make me smile while pushing me to
    finish. I feel refreshed without feeling worn-out, which is very important
    to me. I don’t want to over-do it with a work-out video. Thank you for the
    time you put into these videos, and for making them available to the

  23. Traci Henning-Kolberg says:

    Yay! I loved this video! I also appreciate your encouragement to play in
    the postures. Excellent job :) 

  24. jasonking44 says:

    Whilst Yoga is generally good for you, it won’t make you lose weight, only
    cutting back on calories or using more calories than you are taking in will
    make you lose weight. 1lb of fat = 3500 calories. For an idea of how much
    activity you need to do, running for men will generally burn around 125
    calories per mile and about 100 calories for women (for average weight,
    more if you are heavier). So to burn a pound of fat, you would need to run
    around 3500/125 = 28 miles for men and 35 miles for women. Thats a lot of
    physical effort. Its much easier to eat less. Advantages of excersise are
    that you will get fitter, and you will burn a few calories during the
    excercise, but its the temporary raising of your metabolic rate at rest
    (the number of calories you burn to stay alive) for a few hours after
    excersise which will really help burn the calories. This can increase by a
    few hundred calories for a few hours which will result in reduction of fat,
    unless you eat more to compensate for the increased feeling of hunger.

  25. navindra manani says:

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