Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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  14. Jorge Puig says:

    How many minutes you do the 8 exercises? 

  15. Naushiin Ansari says:

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  16. DruTraneX says:

    I liked everything except for that last one

  17. anuj sharma says:

    fun starts at 8.30

  18. Anand Kalburgi says:

    hi Anmol…..ur exercises r too gud..plz mention te numbr of times to be
    performed the above

  19. Mohit Khurana says:

    Best Exercise Anmol..I have to learn more from you.

    Mohit Khurana

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  23. K. T. Clark says:

    Thanks Anmol! The very end was super funny. I can’t imagine what people
    might be thinking if they saw me in action.

  24. K. T. Clark says:

    I did this today. Probably looked crazy doing it but I loved it.