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  1. geluloid says:

    I must try and have a big torso….:P

  2. Chuck Clancy says:

    ewww she gt bunions1:39

  3. TaliesinProductions says:

    @Kezocoro Thankyou.

  4. lampsizgod says:


  5. ArgharnaLowell says:

    i like how in the beginning she says “Yoga teaches us to be happy with
    ourselves and to accept ourselves just the way we are,” i smile and nod
    then..”BUT-if you just cant get past-” at this point i was busting up

  6. 6NoHope9 says:

    @SexyKristen1000 This will just be to a certain extent, strengthening the
    muscles like this will replace the fat a bit, of course you have to do
    other things to make it more effective, like eating healthy and getting a
    sweat, losing weight is all about getting sweaty. If you’re not sweating,
    then you won’t lose much weight, or it will take much longer to say the

  7. mskayetee says:

    working Great just started this a few days ago and it does work got into a
    skirt that was little tight , thanks

  8. Michael Anderson says:


  9. Life1001 says:

    You like a therapist more than just yoga. I did lost some belly fat by
    doing the similar exercise.

  10. oreosis says:

    @atiqsau2 Both you guys couldnt remember the name? Weeiirrdd

  11. hawaawy says:

    she is so sexy this way.. no need to lose any

  12. Emer Claws says:

    their special? their special what?

  13. I DANZ says:

    i like the way u said namaste….. god bless…

  14. kellysquishi says:


  15. Erisenal E. says:

    i didnt feel anything in my abs, just felt my legs aching

  16. Reflexion Yoga says:

    Terrific video. Although we are not defined by our physical bodies,
    everyone likes to get that extra bulge off the belly…myself included :)

  17. TheWarrior9070 says:

    What’s with all the spam?

  18. HowLovelythatIs says:

    Gosh this is hard

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  25. Shangeetha Tss says:

    how long to do this , how many reps?