Yoga Body Workout: Surprisingly Fast Core Transformation! with Sadie Nardini

25 comments on “Yoga Body Workout: Surprisingly Fast Core Transformation! with Sadie Nardini
  1. Julian Bailes says:

    Love the Tibetan Swings at 13:30, one of my favourite poses!

  2. kayleigh dyer says:

    Did this today and enjoyed it. Thanks! :)

  3. 1lovemocha says:

    Come move to Canada!

  4. Kara H says:

    Loved this thanks Sadie! Just started doing yoga and found you yesterday!
    I’m so excited what your videos will have in store for my present and
    future! Thanks :D <3

  5. homespunthreads says:

    Newbie Yogi here. Thank you so much! You are amazing, your videos are the
    only ones I have been able to actually do successfully. Can’t wait to do

  6. Rachael Renzi says:

    love the transition into wildthing. i think it will be a good way to teach
    it in my class
    i have some nervous nellys

  7. starlena jordan says:

    love this! I feel amazing after doing this thank you!!!

  8. Ashley Loughner says:

    So good!

  9. Rita Sun says:

    Love the last bit most

  10. Jackie Noone says:

    thanks Sadie,, ove all your videos.. namaste

  11. Rylla Resler says:

    THANKS so much for these shorts – when I am busy with other things I love I
    can still fit in a good workout – best way to start my day. ;-)

  12. Evan Frantz says:

    Thanks Sadie! My stomach has gotten so flat since doing you videos, this
    one in particular! Love you!!

  13. Zan Dean says:

    Another amazing short zinger. My core loves you!

  14. Andrea Mattson says:

    oh yeah! thanks for that today :)

  15. muslima davletova says:

    Thank you Sadie so much for your videos!!! You are the best!!!!

  16. Rylla Resler says:

    Ok, love it again. Had completely forgotten that I had already done
    this…till I saw I had commented b4…;-)

  17. Debra Jeannette says:

    Awesome! Love the quick workout to create long and lean abs!
    Thank you Sadie!

  18. L Stac says:

    love this..thanks sadie x

  19. Ellen Waara says:

    Pretty awesome with the whale vibes in background!

  20. natasha stevens says:

    You rock girl! love this video, can’t wait to sweat through more!

  21. Maria Kathrina Carla Doria says:

    My fats are crying. 

  22. zebageba says:

    i love this video… at 5:33 you mean to say left knee… i got confused…

  23. b3ati5 says:

    ok, at 11:00 did you pay that guy on the bike to help you illustrate how to
    keep your back straight and aligned while in that plank pose…? as soon
    as you straighten out he rides right over your back. this is the best core
    workout i’ve ever come across… can’t wait to try others.