Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners

25 comments on “Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners
  1. Ada Johnson says:

    Short and sweet! Love it!

  2. yogafitnessguru says:

    Thanks for this video. I found routine yoga.Real Yoga is not that easy.
    These are the basic beginner.

  3. Lucia Higgins says:

    Great but mysic doesn’t help relax, it clashes with the calmness of yoga. 

  4. Jessie Forster says:

    uh, record some time for a breath. You don’t even pause between your
    sentences. Too fast. 

  5. MrmooMissymoo says:

    I am 100% a beginner. I just cracked in about five different places… it
    was amazing!!! Cant wait to try out some more, seriously, watching another
    right now.

  6. preciousbirge birge says:

    Im about to try this

  7. teenerqm says:

    Thank you

  8. C Wiese says:

    Way too fast for a begginer

  9. De Co says:

    I felt it was not calming but too fast, and the speaker sounds way to fast,
    too many words in her sentences. The music was also distracting. I would
    not return to do this video…just sayin….

  10. been khanal says:

    To ordinary folks who want to get skinnier–but can’t get started. Just
    google Skinnimaker System right away.

  11. k8perry94 says:

    Tara I love your videos! It has opened up a new world for me. I have a
    question though, why is it recommended not to do certain postures while
    your on your period?

  12. Sage Sealy says:

    Ya good job but music clashes

  13. Monica Palacios says:
  14. Karo-mas-saludable says:

    Hello Tara, I am a beginner, I live in colombia and I was reading it brings
    over of you in the magazine ¨ALO ¨, and I am very filled with enthusiasm of
    starting practising Yoga. I wanted to find your videoes in Spanish or
    subgraduates, it serious very well for the Latin people that we are your

  15. Ramona Alexandra says:

    Hey Tara Im 15 yr old, not quite tall only 5’3, can u suggest me some video
    for grow tall faster and what should I eat
    P.S. can I do the muscles training work out at the same time? Coz I’m afaid
    that will effect my height .. 

  16. Oliver Reeve says:

    I go to a class once a week which I love. It calms me and releases lots of
    tension. Looking for a good video to do between classes. Tara has lots of
    great poses in the routines but far too fast. Not relaxing enough. I like
    to stop and hold in a pose to really stretch and relax. Pity.

  17. Alicia Padgett says:

    I have lost over 30 pounds doing this routine and a few of her other videos
    every night. So yes it works.

  18. Chloe Monroe says:

    I found some of the poses difficult. I am out of shape and have sore knees
    and a bad back. Maybe it’s just me…. But I didn’t find a lot of these
    poses ‘beginner’ friendly.
    For people who are in better shape and/or have more experience with yoga,
    this may be perfect. I wouldn’t know.

    I will try again tomorrow morning and see how I feel… But I may have to
    look elsewhere for a beginner guide. 

  19. Gavin Cheung says:

    THIS AINT NO BEGINNER SHIT! skinny flexible bitch.. 

  20. Karidoll says:

    I think this is beginner level, provided you are not completely new to
    exercise and stretching. The only real familiarity I have with yoga is the
    odd online video here and there that I’ve done, plus the few poses I do in
    dance class. I was able to keep up just fine.

  21. Audrey Hartye says:

    Is it possible to remove the music? I couldn’t keep going it was so

  22. Gemma Alonso Úbeda says:

    Se entiende bien y es facil de seguir

  23. may ko says:


  24. thirstylikethemoose says:

    I dunno how this worked for anyone else but it made my back feel like a
    tiger was trying to tear it apart. never doing it again

  25. Antler CityStyle says:

    awesome thank you!