Weight loss Yoga for Beginners

25 comments on “Weight loss Yoga for Beginners
  1. Ekhart Yoga says:

    Another *Golden Oldie* turns out very popular this month!

  2. Ekhart Yoga says:

    If you take care of your diet, *Yoga* can sure help you on your journey to
    shed some extra kilos

  3. Sienna Hayward says:

    You could reduce weight without risk and prevent weight gain back if you
    have the right nutrition plan, without the need of medications, hard

  4. Stephen McCarthy says:

    My journey starts here, I’m 3 stone over weight and have been a couch
    potato. I did this just now and I feel good. My journey has
    started…..Thank you…

  5. Olivia Humphery says:

    I’m starting to do Yoga to lose weight and to get a little more flexible I
    found this very effective and useful Thank You! 

  6. Syiera Rose says:

    I am going to practice this sequence.
    I have a lot of arm issues (strength wise) so, this on top of losing weight
    will be great:)
    I like the way you describe the movements so that the watchers and
    practicers can get into the yoga as well as learn along with your teaching.

  7. Duncan Michael says:

    Can you do yoga everyday either same sequences or different body parts

  8. Anne Cox says:

    Wicked thank you. :)

  9. Tanya Walker says:

    Your instructions are very helpful and realistic. Thank you! 

  10. youbabes100 says:

    Loved this!
    Your explanations are short and understandable.
    Thanks for posting.

  11. D.R. Obarton says:

    Lovely doable sequence!

  12. Samirah dus says:

    You sound so dutch :p 

  13. Catrina Lasalle says:

    You go way to fast for beginners. I only found myself getting frustrated
    trying to follow your instructions. You changed from one thing to another
    without even informing us that we were changing moves. Sorry i just don’t
    think this video is for real beginner.

  14. Geen Naam says:

    Wow klinkt net als nederlands

  15. Fred Smith says:

    I think the last mat exercise of bringing a knee up and stretching one leg
    back is not for the beginner, I’m quite attached to my knees at the moment.

  16. Balaji Telecom says:

    Its helpful for my body

  17. Hannah Flor says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, where is your accent from?

  18. Deanna Lynn says:

    Thank you xo

  19. M Plath says:

    You da bomb, Esther. You changed my mind about exercise. <3

  20. Prithviraj Singh says:

    योगा भगाये रोगा।

  21. krisanti cahya says:

    Very helpful! Thanks! :)

  22. Nidhi Shetty says:

    Its awesum …….i have a question….this should b done on a empty

  23. Izzy Sloan says:

    Omg Esther is the best this is such a chilled way to work out

  24. nima sherpa says:


  25. Luisa Martins says:

    Hi Ekhart Yoga this video is not working properly anymore :(