Weight Loss YOGA Challenge Workout 3- 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

25 comments on “Weight Loss YOGA Challenge Workout 3- 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate
  1. 1025 Kidd says:

    Thumbs up if you want to see Jen in shorts instead if the pants!!!

  2. Beautybyles says:

    I’m here for weight loss :)

  3. PsycheTruth says:

    Weight Loss YOGA Challenge Workout 3- 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown
    Beginner & Intermediate

  4. guti1101 says:

    and remove ur PS3 or Whatever Game is not Good For Your Health.

  5. celes ortiz says:

    +PsycheTruth when is the fourth video coming out?

  6. Sara Maria Elisabeth Eriksson says:

    I have been doing this challenge for 3+ weeks now and I was just wondering
    when (or where) the next video is coming?? This is a great challenge and
    you can feel the effects of it right in the beginning of the second week!
    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation Jen, you sure are awesome! Yours

  7. icazvezdica says:

    Hey what is happening with videos 4 and 5? Please let us know..

  8. bianca d says:

    dear Jen, I started to do home yoga in a moment when I felt extremely
    stressed at work and ever since I didn’t find any other instructor that I
    liked more than you! Both relaxing and simple, the feel good sensation is
    there all the way. Greets from Belgium, and thank you!

  9. Lindsay Dube says:

    I’m starting yoga to relieve stress, lose weight (mainly), and improve

  10. Alexis Kraus says:

    I’m here for weight loss, but the stretch feels good, too!

  11. Drew Pyrc says:

    weightloss :)

  12. Kary Seach says:

    Ordered your DVD on Jenhilman.com, but I am really looking for Weight Loss
    Challenge #5. 

  13. evan ruiz says:

    Thanks, Jen! Helping me love my body (THROUGH YOGA!) even thought it
    doesn’t conform to socially-constructed beauty standards! I feel strong,
    capable, and in love with my body because of your videos. Thanks!

  14. Hali Horrific says:

    Where is the weight loss challenge 4 & 5?? I really want to finish this
    challenge. Please and thank you! <3 

  15. Ana Brown says:

    I’m in love with your videos and for me I think flexibility hand weight
    loss are together super important thanks a lot waiting for more or your

  16. Sora Tsukino says:

    I loved today’s workout! Never knew I was /that/ flexible XP

  17. Anthony Alen says:

    Hello:) Did anyone thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive
    heard some fantastic things about it and my sis burned alot of excess fats
    with it(:

  18. kalyn bomback says:

    amazing videos!!! I still have video 4 to go…..but when is # 5 coming

    Plus…I love that your cat had a guest role! Mine does that too :)

  19. Mayna Benoit says:

    Awesome! Love the videos.

  20. MOo mo says:

    Enjoyed week two – feels great. I enjoy your pleasant, personal approach –
    but I’m not the biggest fan of you asking for input on haircuts and

  21. Servant of Alucard says:

    The kitty that visited in the beginning was a very pretty kitty!

  22. gretta bowman says:

    Love your weight loss challenge series. Have been feeling confident so far,
    but this week #3 is really hard for me! I’m looking forward to progressing
    with it!

  23. SmartieGrrl89 says:

    I do yoga for both weight loss and increased flexibility. It’s really
    changed my life for the better so far. Been doing it at least 5 times a
    week since february

  24. Diamond Franklin says:

    I wan to become fore flexible because im a dancer.

  25. Nala Bornemann says:

    I came here for weight loss AND flexibility. I have been wanting to start
    doing yoga for a few years now and now is a great opportunity to start!
    When I’m losing weight! So far doing your videos (along with other
    exercises) I have lost 10 pounds and I honestly feel so great! I stopped
    doing them for about a week because I lacked motivation…but I started up
    again this week and I already feel great again! Before I started my weight
    loss journey I was 180 pounds…and now I’m 155. I have 25 more pounds to
    go before I reach my goal, but if I’ve gotten this far I can get even
    further within the next few months! I completely cut all gluten and sugar
    out of my diet and I try to eat as little carbs as possible. I only started
    exercising at 165, the weight I lost before that was all because of my
    change in diet. Jen, you have helped me become so much more flexible and
    you helped me lose so much weight! Thank you so much, I am so grateful that
    your videos are online for me to use whenever I like.