Weight Loss Yoga Challenge: Fat Burn.

25 comments on “Weight Loss Yoga Challenge: Fat Burn.
  1. Lele Hanie says:

    wow i tried to get my legs togo tht high but its kinda hard. thunder thighs
    here ppl not helping, but i will be doing this everyday till it does thnx

  2. SuperCharliecooper says:

    i thought it said fat bum…HA

  3. Audrey Selking says:

    wow.. totally felt that one.

  4. LELEFO says:

    omg my arms always break down on this

  5. Danielle Moeller says:

    What kind of yoga is this? And how many calories can I burn doing this? I
    just finished it, and I did break a sweat, but I want to know how many
    calories I burnt.

  6. Emma Johnson says:

    Tara, do you have a yoga video that I can buy? If you did.. I would totally
    buy it.

  7. emilyhubbububba says:

    i remember a bout 2 mouths ago when i did this i didn’t shake at all but
    after i pulled all my legaments and my muscles in my ankle iv struggled
    allot getting the strength up in it again this video is helping me allot in
    my recovery thank u Tara

  8. Kayla Dawson says:

    Thank you! there’s hope for me yet! I don’t have the strength or
    flexibility for even her most basic routines but hopefully I will in the
    future if I keep with it.

  9. Pilar Lawr says:

    you’re crayfish

  10. koolkat741 says:

    shes so graceful, im like…lets not even talk about it

  11. Audrey Selking says:

    Tara I love your videos! I share them with everyone I know who likes yoga!
    Thank you so much for putting in the time to bring these to YouTube :)

  12. Mish Flores says:

    this made me sweat as much as insanity does

  13. Lisbeth btyn says:

    she has a 50min yoga workout watch?v=uUVZAMbGtDg

  14. Maaike D. says:

    I love your voice it’s so calming! :) also, your videos are amazing, love
    them all!

  15. Shirley Zhao says:

    i thought this was gonna be some nice cool down stretch after my
    cardio…NOPE…8 minutes later with sweat pouring down my face…

  16. som sothea sunnary says:
  17. coconutty says:

    i love this routine!! only 8 minutes but SO effective and i feel great!
    thank you tara! i love your narration. makes me feel so relaxed and

  18. Antonia R. says:

    I really like listening to your voice before i start the workout, i usually
    start the video and listen to it once before i actually start because your
    voice is so calming and helps me. It probably sound weird but i dont care,
    thanks for doing the workouts, they are wonderful

  19. Finchley HairSalon says:

    I love the place and the background, perfect place for Yoga. So peaceful! I
    feel very privileged to have discovered this channel. Im looking forward
    learning from this video.

  20. yogafitnessguru says:

    This routine is designed to get your heart rate up,burn fat and tone. Must
    be helpul to your entire body and mind.

  21. Claire Law says:

    does this help you burn fat but not build muscles?

  22. Janet Novelia says:

    Oh God could not get back up for the last downward dog!

  23. Nyergk William says:

    awesome !

  24. TheSmath73 says:

    I’m so glad I found your videos! Really enjoying them, actually looking
    forward to doing them at lunch and in the evening… Any ideas how many
    calories this routine burns? 

  25. Gemma Alonso Úbeda says: