Weight Loss: Work those hips!

25 comments on “Weight Loss: Work those hips!
  1. emmathegemma123 says:

    ive lost 16lbs and im trying to lose 7 more. will this 4 week program and
    eating healthy help me reach that goal and tone up?

  2. mysimpleplan123 says:

    @eselemegul im just a random person that you probably dont know but i have
    an idea to your question. :) 30 min or so before doing the routines massage
    some body creme that has cocoa butter in it and it’ll hydrate your body
    preventing more stretch marks and (if you get a good creme) maybe even help
    reduce the appearance of the ones you have. its what i do and its been
    helping. sorry for bothering you :)

  3. BenSeviyorumSeni says:

    are there some weight gain yoga’s? :-(

  4. nbnb8619 says:

    @lizkin33 Just type in Tara Stiles weightloss part 1…

  5. fetishforgreen says:

    I love this routine ♥

  6. nosorog91 says:

    Why I’m not able to keep my back straight when doing a pigeon pose?

  7. Jeanne Marie Wolfe says:

    Good work Tara Stiles:)

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  14. Yoga for the Beginner says:

    Good thing we found this video. This is the weight loss secret we’ve all
    been waiting for. Thanks Tara for sharing this!

  15. Morris Beckham says:

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  16. Sellvedin1 says:

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  19. Healthy Living and Happiness says:

    Weight Loss: Work those hips!

  20. Healthy Living and Happiness says:

    Weight Loss: Work those hips!

  21. egtwu rgueig says:

    I can’t even raise my legs my like that :( 

  22. cyril zoosa says:

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  23. Morgan Manson says:

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  24. Encarna Lopez Jimenez says:

    Por favor los comentarios d yoga podrian traducirlos al español..?

  25. Sukanya Ouammuang says:

    Too fast