Weight Loss Core Flow

25 comments on “Weight Loss Core Flow
  1. RawSunday says:

    omg way too fast to follow… enjoy watching you doing it though haha

  2. Michael Taylor says:

    For people who think this is fast at first, try this as moving rather than
    posing. The movement is quite slow and fluid, and it just keeps moving.
    Every movement of your body leads to another movement – up leads to down,
    back leads to forward, even each breath lifts you on your inhales, and
    releases & lowers on your exhales. You’ll get connected to every inch of
    your body this way. You’ll get free! And it just plain feels great :)

  3. chekeichan says:

    10:56 :)

  4. New Krittika says:

    So Have to fast?

  5. Watkins Xerxes says:
  6. Géza Rehorovszky says:

    Dear Tara. Nice legs. :-) <3

  7. Karen Cantú says:

    Well I was alright with the speed on this. Thanks a lot Tara! <3 <3 <3 

  8. redeyedracoon says:

    Is there an alternative move one can try in place of the standing split and
    the crow pose? ( I have bad wrists) 

  9. Flora Dong says:

    that was such a smooth flow! Thanks for sharing

  10. Renata Teixeira says:

    OMG! This was such a good/hard one. I started feeling it would last 3
    minutes or so, but it felt amazing! :)

  11. superfilthy says:

    This is pretty hard damn. But very very nice. I still have yet to do a
    decent handstand :(

  12. Deborah Dubrul says:
  13. Cena Baker says:


  14. Kayla Arabia says:

    I love your longer videos too, Tara! Your calm voice is so easy to follow.

  15. Monica Castro says:

    Great workout under 15 mins. Definitely recommend. Gotta love TaraStiles.
    She has me sweating already. :-)

  16. Emily Woolnough says:

    buy more pups

  17. Denise Muller says:

    this is my favourite video and the hardest! thanks youuuu

  18. Janet Novelia says:

    How can you do this without dying?!

  19. Katie Peterson says:

    This was fast but a fun challenge. Thx Tara

  20. Marisa M. Peoples says:

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  21. Violeta Ursache says:

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  22. Healthy living says:

    Tara do you only do yoga for a lean body? or is it also very good to
    combinate this with weight training/fitness?

  23. Georgina Tan says:

    you are effortless.

  24. Christina Ritchmond says:

    I am starting to notice your videos move faster than I can breath. I feel
    like it isn’t beneficial. Plus, your words are slower than your movements.

  25. Caroline Knott says:

    the movements and your voice don’t match up…your movements are quite fast
    compared to your voice.