Power Yoga for Weight Loss – 20 min Fat Burning Workout

23 comments on “Power Yoga for Weight Loss – 20 min Fat Burning Workout
  1. SeanVigueFitness says:

    My friends, thanks for watching my workouts & supporting my channel!
    Thank you!

  2. Seb0099 says:

    if i do this in 30 days, would i then see results on my body? 

  3. Erin Zwigart says:

    Woke up this morning and said I need a power yoga workout – WOW!! This was
    amazing. My shoulders are a burnin’! Thanks Sean!

  4. Terelle LeCount says:

    What part of Florida is this in? ?

  5. julie henderson says:

    Lol ok just regular dude then ;)

  6. Reece Reyes says:

    Hey sean im for the philippines and this work-out was the best i combined
    the pilates video that you had then did the power yoga as my last routine
    and wow! thanks! it was an awesome work out!!

  7. Ayla Fecero says:

    criminy, that was tough.

  8. kathryn says:

    Sean: You are always working out in sunny Florida, yet many of us who watch
    these from frigid northern locations, like South Dakota. In order to build
    some solidarity with your fitness communities, why don’t you shoot some
    routines in cold climates outdoors? Also, you mention traveling to
    Europe…why not shoot in some cool Euro locations. Nothing against the
    ol’ park down the street, but some location variation will add tons.

  9. Alicia Schkurat says:

    Love the commentary great distraction from the workout itself which was
    also good.

  10. cody baumeister says:

    Hey Sean, these videos helped me a lot. 

  11. Preston Pearson says:

    Did this with ankle weights and WOW! Loved it

  12. Bhim Tamang says:

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  13. Seren Rose says:

    I’m slowly getting through more and more of this every day, I’m now up to 9
    minutes before I can’t do any more! (bearing in mind I do it as a post
    workout workout) I will manage to complete it one day! Its a killer!

  14. G.selva Kumar says:

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  15. satyabrata muduli says:

    Thanks Sean for the video!! it is a fat eater bro!! but i being a beginner
    please guide me to achieve better results and loose fat… I get exhausted
    in 15 min. is there any guide for increasing the time and do more

  16. Ayla Fecero says:

    This my favorite of all your vids so far! Thank you!

  17. SeanVigueFitness says:

    **Order my new all levels fitness book, “Power Yoga for Athletes” on sale:
    Thanks for watching!

  18. Amit Sharma says:

    Hi. Awesome workout. Do you have anything for the beginners? 

  19. Rafael De Lara says:

    Hey Sean. Is this good for teen ager that are obese? Please Reply A.S.A.P.

  20. Aaron Dawson says:

    heart = racing

  21. Alessandro Faia says:

    wow, this workout was challenging… but feeling great afterwards!

  22. australaura says:

    That was AWESOME… Sean, you rock!! Love your videos.

  23. Tiffany Peak says:

    ohhh man I tried this first thing in the morning as my wakeup and ouch.
    Only made it ten minutes.