Natural Facelift/Facial Exercises: Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline with Faceworks

25 comments on “Natural Facelift/Facial Exercises: Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline with Faceworks
  1. bw2channel says:

    Doing this for over a week now, i’m seeing fine result. This exercise
    actually works!

  2. Jakob m8 says:

    Wont this stretch your skin and make it even more loose?

  3. Kit Zoey says:

    The best way to lose a doublechin fast is to eat natural healthy food and
    expend a lot of energy; ie lose weight. Waggling your chin will make your
    muscles strong and will tone your face, but won’t shift fat from under your
    chin. Eat well and go out for a jog each day – there’s no other way

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  5. Faceworks Natural Facelift says:

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  6. Phillip Gonzales says:

    is the right side of my jaw supposed to hurt like hell while i’m doing

  7. Faceworks Natural Facelift says:

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  8. TonyaMinaj4647 says:

    I’m doing this in the morning and before I go to sleep and honestly I can
    feel it working. I’m going to do this for about a month and see how it goes
    today is my third day doing this and I’m really excited about seeing
    results soon! 

  9. Faceworks Natural Facelift says:

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  10. Aaron Alvarado says:

    Does sitting up straight also affect your jawline? 

  11. Vocals Of Ben says:

    are the results permanent?

  12. KHADIZA254 says:

    your exercises are realy effective , do you guys have any execise to make
    nose smaller ? if , so please share , thank you 

  13. lama Dibbay says:

    when i do this it really hurts in my actual jaw and the joint

  14. Jens Lund says:

    Another question: Ive been doing this the past 2-3 weeks, and I can see
    results, but only on the right side. The point where the bone changes
    direction, is higher and closer to the ear, than on the left side. When im
    doing the exercise its also only on the right side i feel “pain” from doing
    the exercise. Its not pain, like its hurting, but the one you get from
    exercising. Ive been trying to move my head and mouth but it never feels
    like im exercisig the left side. Plz help :)

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  18. divinity inmotion says:

    It works!!!

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  24. Faceworks UK Ltd says:

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  25. Deez Nuts says:

    it works! done it for 2 weeks, once a day, and my neck is really slim now