How to lose fat face – Get rid of Chubby Cheeks and Double Chin In Less Than 4 Weeks!

25 comments on “How to lose fat face – Get rid of Chubby Cheeks and Double Chin In Less Than 4 Weeks!
  1. Loco Wolf says:

    You are pretty!

  2. Mia Dillinger says:

    great vid, but way too much talking

  3. krissy kris says:

    skip to 1:22 you’ll thank me

  4. 4ya2hotty says:

    +cynthia20115 *I agree you cynthia One of its greatest points is that it is
    *powerful w/o applying laser devices, medicines or something different*
    *which is possibly dangerous. The only technique this system applies*
    *a workout w/c confirmed to get rid of cellulite naturally just tat quick.
    *tried it myself and it was great.*

  5. Anthony Figueroa says:

    Girl you are So freckin Beautiful!

  6. john kep hunter pascoe says:

    i showed it to my friend and whenever she does this she looks like an idiot

  7. Elliot Chin says:

    Dad walked in the middle of me doing this. I don’t know what he thinks of
    me now. 

  8. Levithian Mind says:

    Actually works hold this for about 5-10minutes each day, but if you want
    really fast results do it for total of 30minutes-hour a day. ALl you have
    to do is hold your cheeks in the position its really not hard

  9. ClashWithBrad says:

    Wow you talk so mutch you dont need to do this you lose weight by talking

  10. Razgirl says:

    I hate people with no double chin speaking about this. No prove that any of
    this works. Where is your before and after to prove it? 

  11. ZeusBlaine says:

    Eating while watching this

  12. 2010axlslash says:

    Hey you hottie .. I will KISS you from top to bottom !!

  13. DaSpeck (& Owkward..) AJ - Green Fox says:

    I suggest you do this when you’re alone ._.

  14. Kimmeyko Rose says:

    Omg I am it does work I look up several different articles that say this
    work and it doing it for me. I will do this everymorning when I wake up 

  15. Johnny Cash says:

    I’m 17 I have a baby face I look like an old man except with my cheeks this
    helped so much
    I’m pretty sure a lot of people reading this can relate

  16. Hunny_FallenAngel says:

    I’ve been on Prednisone for 9 months would this work for a moon
    faceSwollen cheeks? Becuzz most kids at school are making fun of my
    condition and they squeeze my cheeks.. I’ve never been this big in my life

  17. jessica 19 says:

    I have um sort of chubby cheeks not really a double chin though im only 140
    something pounds trying to work out everything im hoping this will help my
    chubby cheeks go away x.x i hate them 

  18. aq shades says:

    or you could just give head and then lose like 5000 calories in the cheeks
    in the process, mind you i wonder if any guy used that as a excuse to get
    laid with his gf

  19. Ruth Houston says:

    Naw this doesn’t work if you want to lose face fat and a double chin you
    gotta lose weight all over your body. If this really worked then all the
    talking we do everyday and moving our mouths would also work so naw it’s
    not real. 

  20. riyaz ahmad says:

    your lips are awesome keep it up

  21. Tony Do says:

    I have a skinny body but my face is chubby :) Hope this will help .

  22. RussX5Z says:

    You’re very pretty.

  23. jeffreyferrer0159 says:

    Your eyebrows are on fleeek. :) great vid btw, I do this exercise every
    single day, it works. Try it out!

  24. ihmpall says:

    Can I do you?

  25. BucklandsP3 says:

    I hate my double chin I’m not fat on my body but have a big chin and it
    really gets me down. Gonna try this.