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25 comments on “How to Lose Belly Fat Through Yoga – Health & Fitness – ModernMom
  1. Lok Yan Wong says:

    This is not painful, She is not felixible

  2. express375 says:

    You can’t spot reduce fat.I wish you could!!

  3. desireelu says:

    I did this just one time for the first time and I stopped after just doing
    it one time and I could still feel the burn for like 2 or 3 minutes after!

  4. mrOosamoO says:

    for everyone here that is complaining if u r training and not feeling any
    pain or effort than u r not burning any fats and u’r muscels aien’t working
    enough but we gotta differ between a pain in muscles and the pain in the
    back of the knees there is a big difference

  5. Vanessa Daly says:

    dose this really work ?

  6. AviatorHD says:

    guyz Each and every moment we do in our day to day like is Responsible for
    our calorie loss This is yoga the best and easy way of exercise it takes
    time may be a month but surely try our… Remember NO PAIN NO GAIN…. ONLY

  7. BlazeFromHeaven says:

    @jaYmeHouseMusic try it stupid

  8. TheFitnessTutor says:

    Sorry, but I guarantee you 100% that this has NOTHING to do with losing
    belly fat. Zero. Sorry.

  9. RavenSLave1 says:

    @yumyam09 Lmao i bite back >;3

  10. Nickita Sharma says:

    da gurl is not happy

  11. TranceRevolved says:

    @RavenSLave1 She was probably thinking “okay this woman is trying to kill
    me!” lol.

  12. Kisadbzlover says:

    @UBOATss late reply, but the video clearly says “loose belly fat” not gain
    muscle to where you can see a four pack. Also, yoga is known for it’s
    flexibility and balance booster. Everything in yoga helps your daily life
    and blah blah blah. I’d rather just work out for 10 minutes a week than do
    yoga since it will actually work efficiently. (and if you say working out
    is hard, there are millions of ways to work out. just got to find what you
    can handle and what you cant.) But again that’s just me.

  13. Ella SurfJamLiveInaVan says:

    I believe this will work..! thanks =)

  14. Katherine Nobles says:

    Nice video. Thank you. So sad that commentators feel a need to add stupid
    ads for weight loss products.

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  24. Robert Guertin says:

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  25. blukper says:

    Hi ModernMom, given that I do these exercises 3 to 4 times weekly, roughly
    how long before I should begin to see some results? I have a medium frame,
    average height 5′ 10″ and weight 185lbs for a male. Thanks for the video!