GREAT BELLY FAT DIET – My best diet to lose belly fat

25 comments on “GREAT BELLY FAT DIET – My best diet to lose belly fat
  1. fabiola bustamante says:

    you are very handsome

  2. Kenneth B. Pickle says:

    “You are what you eat”
    You truly can burn fat more quickly, more efficient by eating the truth
    good food.

  3. talash k says:

    five meals a day is bad for you, if you eat this way it will keep ur
    insulin high through out the day and unless you are a professional
    bodybuilder who spends days and nights in the gym, you will gain weight. 

  4. ohlala193 says:

    *I was once had my cellulite in my butt and thighs Andrea* ^.~
    *Ive tried everything and was deeply frustrated cause it has not*
    *worked out. the program works quickly and allowed my skin to*
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  5. Yvette Williams says:

    I totally agree with u because its worked for me. I eat the good carbs
    early in the day and elimate them after lunch. The pounds roll off, also
    cutting my eating time off totally by 8:00. Only decaf green tea if i’m
    hungry. I do some yoga, pilates, short walk on the treadmill or another
    mild workout after my last meal. Its not hard but u have to be consistent!

  6. beardedwanderer says:

    I’ve found that coconut milk is a great alternative to regular milk.

  7. Kasnar Burns says:

    Keep the sugars/starches at a minimum. That way you won’t be spiking your
    insulin constantly.

  8. I Like Cereal says:

    If I’m 5″5 I’m 13 and I weigh 150 pounds, is that considered fat?

  9. Rahul Chowdhury says:

    too much unnecessary talk

  10. jouxpane says:

    well done!

  11. Israel Evans says:

    Thanks man this was really helpful I can’t wait to try it tomorrow maybe
    you can do like a update video that would be awesome

  12. KandyKat says:

    5 :o 3 and 2snacks ??

  13. whatigot2say says:

    show us your stomach.

  14. louise lund says:

    Great advice…..Wish you would go into portion sizes; i.e. how much in one
    serving of chicken, spinach, kale, sweet potato….portion control is
    important…Thanks for posting.

  15. Jeannette R Thompson says:

    You really should regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
    getting helps from family and friends for losing weight safely.

  16. multiYellowHorse says:

    is he from brooklyn?

  17. John Morison says:

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    thoughts. Have you tried – Fast Abs Magic Review (search on google)? Ive
    heard some pretty good things about it and my mate kissed good bye to the
    love handles with it. 

  18. Jock12366 says:

    Can you eat eggs ???

  19. abnerbeebee says:

    If you only eat an energy dense food once in the morning and then only eat
    vegetables mixed with a lean protein throughout the day (4 other meals)
    approximately how many calories a day do you think you eat and how long are
    you on this somewhat strict diet? Thanks

  20. Sapientissima184521 says:

    i like what you say and agree. i don’t like variety. whenever I see a menu
    with so many different stuff I just get frustrated and walk away. Thank you
    for keeping it simple! Sub’ed

  21. wookie415 says:

    great vid. What About Just eating Fruits. for the 3 meals and the last one
    eat a good dinner meal .?

  22. taergehtsiram says:

    What beautiful, blue eyes you have.

  23. 1990fssm says:

    Did you forget to talk about the other meals???

  24. Susma Timilsina says:

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  25. Emelyn Wildrain says:

    what about eggs and fish ??