BEST Tone Buttocks exercise – Reduce buttocks and thighs with Bridging exercise

25 comments on “BEST Tone Buttocks exercise – Reduce buttocks and thighs with Bridging exercise
  1. hanyoun park says:

    very good chanel

  2. Dinah Nurul says:

    For anyone who has tried does this work to have smaller butts ? 

  3. Max Miller says:

    can someone please tell me does this make your butt bigger or smaller?

  4. stuc4zzo says:

    +Mark02 *Couldnt agree with you mark! I am on my 4 weeks and my butt look*
    *like from Victoria Secret model. lol . Well almost but its only*
    *been a month! Its so easy to fit in my schedule & I am addicted*
    *to it. My niece cant believe her eyes & shes ordering now.:)*

  5. wahid choaib says:

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  6. minecraftgirl332 says:

    Hi my name is Rachel I’m 14 and I really need help I have I have weight
    problems with my butt I can’t get rid of it I go to the gym at school on a
    Tuesday,Thursday after school for a hour but my butt is still to big can
    anyone tell me how or what I’m doing wrong uv been on a low carb diet for 6
    month and my butt just keeps getting bigger some how (kik soso_girly) 

  7. Nathan Laban says:

    Hi I’m in high school and a lot of girls seem to like me and I want to look
    good for them I need to lose my butt fat

  8. jason walker says:


  9. Brenda Martinez says:

    I am 20y.o ans weigh 145lbs..i dont look fat and my butt is very meaty..i
    want to build muscle under that fatty meat to make it look rounder ,or will
    it burn fat? I know kinda of a lame question lol sorry 

  10. juma magambo says:

    Sorry is this for:-man or woman

  11. MrKong -kykproductions says:

    BEST Tone Buttocks exercise – Reduce buttocks and…:

  12. MrKongsAdventures says:

    BEST Tone Buttocks exercise – Reduce buttocks and…:

  13. Ryan Scheffert says:

    Does this really work? Please email me at if this
    really does. I have an excersise to do to lose stomach fat but I need to
    trim down butt fat otherwise I’ll look weird.

  14. Pucu XD says:

    Man . She Loooks SEXY !!!

  15. Asad Riaz says:

    super cool :) thanks guys

  16. The almighty potato says:

    Hey im almost 13 and Should i care about my really fat butt/stomach? will
    the fat dissapear while im growing up? Btw i weight 92 pounds (42kg)

  17. A. SaMoOo says:

    does this exercise reduce butt fat and is it for men also 

  18. Camen Wong says:

    How long do i need to do it? 

  19. heidi white says:

    In one video this exercise is based for a bigger round butt.. hmm now I’m
    confuse this is for reduce 

  20. Jasmine Shim says:

    BEST Tone Buttocks exercise – Reduce buttocks and thighs with Bridging …:

  21. Frank Bailey says:

    Oh my gosh I am currentIy IayIng on the fIoor feeIIng dead from thIs
    workout…I wIII contInue thIs, thank you

  22. RinitasYouTube says:

    Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:

  23. Jessica Scott says:

    *Ow-same video….SImpIy speakIng… WIthIn your pancreas there are these
    ceIIs caIIed Beta CeIIs (ß-ceIIs). These are the ceIIs that produce
    InsuIIn. NormaIIy, these ceIIs produce InsuIIn contInuousIy, raIsIng theIr
    output In response to the Increase In bIood sugar that occurs after you

  24. VincenT Uy says:

    does this make your butt smaller and also your hips?

  25. MegaSupercrazyperson says:

    How long do I have to do his daily?