Beginners Power Yoga For Weight Loss – Total Body Workout – 45 Minute Yoga Class

25 comments on “Beginners Power Yoga For Weight Loss – Total Body Workout – 45 Minute Yoga Class
  1. asma abdullah says:

    just did it and it feels awesome .you’re amazing .thank you!

  2. 2013CandyCandy says:

    I like it so much. But i have to practice because i am a beginner…

  3. Simonne Martinez says:

    Hi Courtney…. First time with this one…. first time for the crow and
    tiger positions….very very intense. I love it. Challenging my body is
    what I need to do right now. I will be practicing this video for sure

  4. Ugh, Lauren says:

    This workout totally kicked my ass but I love it! I could actually feel
    myself getting stronger throughout the video. Looking forward to see how I
    progress after doing it for a few weeks!

  5. Sheila Washington says:

    *✿* Fears over tomorrow and regrets over yesterday are twin thieves that
    rob us of the moment *.*

  6. Bella Tilmit says:

    My legs always end up shaking the whole day afterwards when I bend or
    something. It feels good! My butt is still sore from two days ago on the
    first power yoga. 

  7. Laura Nicoloff says:

    I was looking for Power yoga to do at home on the days that I just don’t
    make it to the gym, found you… this is way better that my Yoga class
    at the gym, I felt it next day :-) so now you are my official yoga
    If is not too much to ask, gym instructor does not do challenging
    poses, I would love to attempt one, can you go slower on those for
    those of us who are new to them?? 

  8. whiteape13 says:

    Awesome workout :) allthough you’re going a bit fast sometimes.

  9. zuza gromulska-adams says:

    Thank you for a wonderful workout! I think this isthe best yoga video I’ve
    done so far, thank you for explaining a lot of things, great that you
    describe every move BEFORE you do it, so I don’t have to stare at the
    screen all the time (what is obviously impossible!). This one was pretty
    hard in few moments, but I’m a beginner, so I got what I asked for. Great
    job! I will surely follow you!

  10. Kim Whitacre says:

    I love this yoga practice. It has been my go to video. I mix it up about
    two or three times a week but always come back to this one! My new years
    resolution has been kept up with. But I am sick today and maybe I should
    have chosen a different video, but at least I was able to make it to 15
    minutes. Better than nothing. Thank you for the challenging practice! I
    have loved it and will continue it!

  11. Αγγελική Παντελιώδη says:

    thanks i really like your workouts!! i have seen improvement but i cannot
    get the crow pose?? any suggestions???

  12. RG S says:

    Hi Courtney! You asked us to leave a comment, and even though I normally
    don’t write comments, I will leave one. I really liked this sequence! I
    liked it a lot. I have been searching for a good vinyasa sequence for
    weight loss and have tried a few but none have been quite right until this
    one. YES, it was intense, and NO, I couldn’t do the full crow pose, but
    that’s ok because I was able to do more crow than I’ve done in years thanks
    to your cues. It was just intense enough for me to play with my
    boundaries. Your sequence will permit me to progress and strengthen. I had
    fun! Thank you, Courtney!

  13. Ruby Gonzalez says:

    Courtney I worked my way up to #3 wow! My body kept cracking all over the
    entire time like I was releasing So far 1 week doing yoga
    everyday. Is it weird that I feel emotional afterward? 

  14. Katie Pearl says:

    Just found your channel! Great flow. :) The only thing that I would like
    from this video is a little more time to work into my crow pose! By the
    time I got in it you were moving on to the next pose. Thank you for the
    video! I subscribed and will be watching and practicing more. :) 

  15. Mika Fukushima says:

    I feel like I will be heartfull tomorrow XDDD
    I hope helps me to my weight loss

  16. Mama Warrior says:

    Beautiful!! It has been over 12 years since I last did Yoga:) Thanks for
    inspiring me and getting me into the practice again:) Namaste~

  17. Vanessa Van De Vyver says:

    I love her videos. I ‘d like a longer one (same level) but this is good too
    :) Hope there will be more videos soon

  18. Saint DM says:

    This routine is amazing! It really pushes you and some moves are a
    challenge but I felt great at the end of it!

  19. rebecca Perkins says:

    Absolutely love this video! I do it at least 5 times a week. My flexibility
    and strength has improved tremendously. I hope you come out with more power
    yoga videos. 

  20. zihuetlachtli says:

    check this out Psychetruth, this video is just perfect, and not only
    because of Courtney’s beauty but because she knows her craft, and it is
    well instructed and obviously the exercises are challenging and everything
    fits, Come on psyche truth you know better, be cool again, please

  21. Veronica Paindrop says:

    Thanks Courtney for this amazing workout! I love it!, I really need to know how many calories I burn practicising it.
    (Sorry if already asked..)

  22. Katrina Nobles says:

    Good workout. Very relaxing yet challenging! Enjoyed very minute

  23. Nancy Stille says:

    Hey! I just finished this for the first time ever! I didn’t even know I
    could do a backbed! I’m hoping I can really get into the crazy poses after
    a while. This was awesome!

  24. Antonina Ramsey says:

    definitely not for beginners

  25. Noelle Sharp says:

    A little more instruction would be helpful. For ex, in the back bend there
    was no way to tell that you’d already come out of it for quite some time.