Avoid loose skin after weight loss!

25 comments on “Avoid loose skin after weight loss!
  1. MisterFuturtastic says:

    Whats up with the fingernails?

  2. DLLGbr says:

    I lost almost 20kg and now I have loose skin, is still possible to lose the
    loose skin? Please someone help me! I dont wanna do the tummy tuck 

  3. Wylekyote14 says:

    I eat peanut butter for protein 

  4. Dan Vasquez says:

    I have a tiny area that I have problem shaping up. It is the area below the
    chest nipples to the arm pit. I guess that would be the outer chest. That
    one area is loose on my chest but the rest is tight. I am using weights but
    that tiny area doesn’t seem to tighten up. 

  5. Garden VarietyMom says:

    im using a tins unit where i have pain, but it’s also used by some for
    wrinkles. But don’t use on the face, especially if you have fillings.

  6. Jblanton707 says:

    I couldn’t stop staring at ur chest… no homo
    but for real tho, ur chest is uneven as fuck

  7. Andy Wilderness says:

    Glad I never had this problem. I was perfectly content with losing a little
    bit of weight over a year and a half, so I never lost muscle and my skin
    could naturally keep up with the loss of fat. 

  8. Juana Barett says:

    What if you can afford a gym membership? ?

  9. Joshua DeMott says:

    ignorance is interesting that’s a sure thing

  10. crisan catalin says:

    you are so hot!!!! OMG!!!

  11. CodNinjaSword40 says:

    Does anyone else see the ghost at 2:46 in the middle of the tv and the

  12. Jabb Throne says:

    Isn’t whole wheat bread going to destroy your gains. 

  13. brianduran says:

    I just subscribed I need to get in shape I’m looking forward to your tips.
    I’m 41 I’m taking Androgel because I have a lot of belly fat and man boobs
    this has seemed to help I’ve dropped about 20 pounds I’m 228 now just
    weighed myself and 5’9″ thanks.

  14. csmash slam says:

    The number 1 issue with loose skin is people lose weight too fast and the
    skin can’t keep up. Skin needs nutrients to function hence you need to eat
    your greens while cutting not just starve yourself.

    A pregnant lady gets stretch marks because she grows too fast in 9 months.
    Same principle applies in the reverse. Lose the weight slower and over a
    longer period to avoid skin stress. A skin cell is not a fat cell.

  15. dinard38 says:

    What he left out is that you have to lose weight slowly. The docs
    recommend only 2-3 lbs. per week. Of course, that number probably needs to
    be adjusted depending on how overweight you are. But losing weight too
    fast is a major reason you get loose skin. Also, you have to drink lots of
    water to keep yourself hydrated. I’ve also read that taking care of your
    skin helps. A hot bath with sea salt and minerals, or using tightening
    creams with aloe vera, yeast extract, soy protein, vitamin C, E, and A can
    also help.

  16. Joe Vazquez says:

    Hey guys I’m 18yrs old 370lbs 6’5 I plan to get down to 260 but I play
    football therefore I left weights if I loose those 110lbs will I have a lot
    of loose skin?

  17. cristiano ronaldo says:

    Hey, I’m 14 years and I’m 1.60 meters. I’m really overweight ( i think I’m
    obese ). Every time i try a diet i fail, than after feeling miserable i
    gain weight. Now I’m 71 kilogram…. I feel like shit, i’ve got a really
    big stomach and women boobs ( for real, women boobs..). I’m scared if i
    lose weight i would have a lot of loose skin. I always wanted to be normal
    like others, just not fat. Please, give me a tip what i should do if the
    loose skin is really big and if i don’t grow out of it or something.

  18. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool says:

    This feels like one of the first honest videos I’ve seen. This guy isn’t
    trying to push a particular brand on me or anything. I really enjoyed the

  19. Michael De Jesus says:

    Great video i’m having that problem now i have a bit of loose skin on my
    abdominal area i just loss 61lbs in 5 months i do workout 6 days a week
    circuit training (Crossfit) but i don’t consume enough protein that’s my
    problem i just got some Syntha-6 protein power do you think that’s a good
    one ???

  20. WhyNot? says:

    well damn! you are just FINE!!! that chest tho!

  21. Maynard T says:

    One only way to lose weight: Don’t be a fatass.

  22. fantasysculpts says:

    You are a very clear, direct communicator. Very precise and easy to listen
    to. I just lost 50 pounds and I appreciate this helpful video. Thank you.

  23. sumanth kumar says:

    i have decided to loose 50 pounds..i would like to know does it causes
    loose skin

  24. Cesi Gallardo says:

    After being distracted by the “ghost”…I was just distracted by his face
    and then his pecks and then his face again. aahhh :p What is he talking
    about again?

  25. For you ! says:

    tell that to Jon Calvo videos, he lift weight but ended up with all his
    skin hanging