5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

25 comments on “5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat
  1. StyleCraze says:

    5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

  2. StyleCraze says:

    5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

  3. Cahle Shirkey says:

    i lost 3 pounds after 5 days of this workout! might not be much but it
    quickly adds up and it’s a place to start :) 

  4. romana ashraf says:

    hi dear i watch ur AB exercises n loved it very much. thnx for such a
    wonderful video. i also did these exercises n enjoyed them as u taught so

  5. Krishna K says:

    Easy n practical

  6. Shihab Saiyad says:

    Hi wanitha some exercises and tips for slimmer thighs n a toned hip. 

  7. Stephanie Bryant says:

    I want to lose weight how can I reduce my belly fat quickly?

  8. cutie zeenu says:

    Thanxx for that excercise…it really works.m abs are already screaming
    with pain :P

  9. Sainyaya Abi says:

    Gr8, and you look gr8 too

  10. steamriceroll says:

    Thank you. I like your video because some other video shows more difficult
    exercises that I don’t want to do, they are much more challenging, too
    challenging for me.

  11. Gunwant kaur kaur says:

    I like it very much ……….Its easy and helpful …Thanks alot

  12. Ruth wambugu says:

    I tried everything to reduce my fat bell and I. Even have strech makes
    please how can you help me please 

  13. waseem wahla says:

    5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat: http://youtu.be/b97ORyVlUMI

  14. Mz Yems says:

    My abs are screaming !! Very simple and effective – thank you

  15. blanca Ponce says:

    Love IT

  16. Unique CaWer says:

    can you plz plz plz tell me that will it work for men?

  17. Ravi Kumar Thamminana says:

    Lovely exercise by Wanitha Ashok @ Stylecraze to reduce belly fat.

  18. satyabhama kumar says:

    do these exercises to reduce belly fat.

  19. 0091dennis says:

    Hi i am marlene young i have 2kids and my youngest daughter is 2yrs is
    these exercies ok for me plz help me to reduce my belly soon…i really
    fell bad looking at myself….

  20. Venkatesan J says:

    Please suggest the apt time to do this exercise (Morning/Evening)? Would
    you recommend if any health drinks (Boost/Horlicks) intake is permitted
    before or after the exercise. Also please suggest the time gap until
    Breakfast/Evening Snacks after the exercise to make it better? I would
    prefer Mornings, just would like to know the apt time & the drinks/food
    intake time after/before exercise.. Please help !

  21. kathleen Collado says:

    i love how she pronounce crunch and center :) Thank you for this work out

  22. Kenia Navarro says:

    Thank you so much ! you just earned a new subscriber :D

  23. ashok kumar panday says:

    5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat: https://youtu.be/b97ORyVlUMI

  24. Neonia Hazelwood says:

    I have never had a weight problem. I just want to maintain .

  25. StyleCraze says:

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