4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING

25 comments on “4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING
  1. BetterDontKnow says:

    You should stop gaining muscle, stay like this. It’s becoming ugly.

  2. eL joQer says:

    Oh man, even ur hair have muscles!! 

  3. Six Pack Shortcuts says:

    4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING

  4. selvmordspilot says:

    this channel is a hoax. I visited his home page “crunchessuck” and on the
    front page there’s an infinitely long video which keeps telling tyou how
    bad all other forms of exercise and diets are hoaxes – but the video never
    ever reaches a point where it actually gives you advice on what you should
    do instead. This dude is a commercialized piece of shit, and listening to
    him is a complete waste of time.

    Seriously. If you have advice, SAY IT ! If you don’t, stop making videoes.
    And if you’re trying to sell something, say it up front, so we can browse

    PS. Fuck you for wasting my time with lots of nonsense and nothing

  5. Cody Burnett says:

    Don’t do yoga it is bad for you, for it has a spiritual side that leads to
    demons, check out the YouTube channel TheVigilantChristian he explains more
    and also he has a testimony for it. Pilates is like yoga without the
    spiritual side or just do regular stretching.

  6. enemay says:


  7. David Liao says:

    Dude…..make sure sign up for next Mortal Kombat movie,

  8. mattydrawsYT says:

    and here I am watching this at 2am.

  9. MATThew M says:

    you should do a video on your 5 favorite foods for each meal and go over
    what you usually eat per day, like a meal plan, for like a week. also talk
    about how much you should eat before and after a workout and when you
    should eat before and after a workout. this would be a great video and
    helpful to many who need help with your video “3 reasons why you’re not
    ripped.” love your vidoes!

  10. Safwan Hussaini says:

    I feel like such a hypocrite because I already know this and I am awake at
    night watching this 

  11. Tammy Johnson says:

    He’s really cute. I can’t believe I’m saying this

  12. Rio Ali says:

    LOL and I’m watching this at 3:15am 

  13. azzyeib says:

    Hi Mike,
    my question is, why everytime i do some workout and sweating, i keep
    yawning…? any advice what could happen with me ? or is it usual happened
    ? i feel wierd… hahaha… Thanks

  14. Declan Shaw says:

    How important is Yoga I was thinking about starting because I’ve heard it
    works muscles that would never normally be used and stop muscle aching is
    this true?

  15. Sebastian Olmebring says:

    you are a lier. i watched like 15 mins of your stupid sixpack shourtcut
    video just to know that i have to buy the exercice cd for 195. THATS

  16. SethMeadows says:

    I eat right and get enough sleep to keep myself going the food I eat im
    still working on that mostly brown rice and chicken the veggies I eat well
    I don’t eat any so i’m trying to find some good veggies that taste well any

  17. EternalSilverDragon says:

    Is it ok to eat a small snack right before bed? Like a banana or sandwich
    for example.
    Also, I’m watching this video at 2:30am.

  18. Tanner Flaherty says:

    I was laying down on a full stomach trying to fall asleep to this. Fuck.

  19. 7TurboTV says:

    I sleep like 5-6 hours… -.- Fuck… I need to go 8-9 then… 

  20. Creador Nursery 3d Rhymes says:

    So we must have more sleep!

  21. Anibal Aguirre says:

    Please follow me on instagram! Just opened an account and im planning on
    doing a workout page follow for support thank you! Lifting_phenomenon

  22. Kenny Lo says:

    Mike, you are very nice people. Thankss

  23. Adeel Ahmed says:

    Salute you man (Y) really a great suggestions you give…! :)

  24. WerewolfLui says:

    I ate some Oreos and hot fires earlier :/

  25. Ross Lemon says:

    If Mike still had his long hair and he grew out a beard, he could totally
    pretend to be a ripped asian Jesus.