130 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Pictures (130lbs in a Year)

24 comments on “130 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Pictures (130lbs in a Year)
  1. ZenaDramaticAddict says:
  2. CloakAnd Dagger says:


  3. Kimber Dc says:

    must be nice to have a small waistline naturally. i assume as much
    because even in your pics when u were heavier u did not have much waist.
    congrats on your success. very beautiful. :-)

  4. Danielle Piper says:

    You must be tall cause you dont look like 190 lbs!!! Beautiful either

  5. Rita Holden says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am on a weight loss
    journey too. I have 50 lb to lose now. Congratulations on your success.

  6. kim hay says:

    You look awesome, beautiful, been struggling my whole life, but the same
    for 30yrs, but I keep trying,, great job

  7. Greyfort says:

    Wow, it goes to show you how different every body is. My 190 looks like
    your 320. How come you look so slim at 190 lbs? Not fair. LOL You look
    amazing. You’re really beautiful and I congratulate you on all of your
    hard work. I’m not 190 anymore. I’m much heavier than that. I have over
    100 lbs to lose myself and I’m only on Day 4. Ugh. Thank goodness for
    people like you who bravely come on here and help give us the inspiration
    that we need not to give up. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. Candy Heartz says:

    can you (please please please) do a video on HOW you lost the weight?

  9. ジェイダ White says:

    I’m so annoyed that I got stretch marks at such a young age, The heaviest
    I’ve ever been was 178 pounds, and my stretch marks don’t make me feel
    acomplished for losing anything…. 

  10. Daniel Slaughter says:

    I went from 280 pounds to 160 in just under 7 months. It has changed my
    life and with dedication to change yourself anything is possible. 

  11. Stacy Crane says:

    I am so happy for you! You really really inspire me, because some times i
    feel so absolutely stuck and I feel like I am making NO difference, no
    matter how many miles I run or how long I work out. I would really like to
    see another video if you plan on making more progress. Would like to hear
    some tips and tricks you followed. Again, congrats!

  12. Mary Wells-Peppers says:

    Good job, thank YOU very much for sharing

  13. eatanentireass says:

    U look tiny for 190 lbs! Lol how tall r u? I’m 207 and 5’5 and I look like
    a box lol

  14. Sali AC says:

    What a great transformation, keep up the great work. You should be proud of
    yourself =)

  15. Teyla says:

    what’s the song or insturmental claled? i like it
    congrats btw u look amazing

  16. Hollly Brown says:

    Gosh , you look amazing! I always get emotional watching these types of
    videos as its so close to home.. Im proud of you and i dont even know you!

  17. Elizabeth runee says:

    Thank you so much for presenting such fantastic information in a way that
    it is easy for everyone to follow!

  18. Lor Buc says:

    You look amazing!!!! such determination! congrats!

  19. Sarah Smith says:

    That’s awesome! You must be tall because I am 5’2″ and 198 pounds and I
    look about what you did to start with. I used to be 135 until I had
    surgeries on my ears to fix my hearing and I was in recovery for 12 months
    and I was not allowed to be active and it messed up my metabolism. I used
    to sprint and run a lot. Now I figured it’s time I get back to at least 150
    to be healthy and as of two days ago, I think it was, I have begun to run
    again. I’m not able to run as fast as I used to or as far but I’m faster
    than I was sitting on the couch!

  20. EM angell says:

    Wow! You look great!

  21. KIMetal says:

    Great job! You look amazing.

  22. Usrabella808 says:

    Congrats! I wish I could lose weight

  23. caroline sakulanda says:

    so inspiring …….kindly help been looking for the link on how you
    achieved your goals ……your determination made me feel like cry ….gal
    u rock

  24. Patricia Poudrier says:

    Congrats on your weight loss! I’m totally inspired! I have been trying to
    lose weight for a few years now. I’ve been the yo-yo dieter. I’m interested
    in finding out more about how you lost the weight. Thanks for sharing your
    story with us! ~ Pat :)